Drag Race has returned for yet another series, and this time, we’re in Canada!

The WOW team is heading across the Canadian border to check out what their neighbour’s queens have to offer. And so far, so good.

The first-ever series of Canada’s Drag Race kicked off on Thursday, July 2nd, coming to British screens on the BBC iPlayer a day later.

But many viewers inevitably have questions about when and where the new series was filmed, as they have released it towards the end of lockdown. So, we’ve done some digging to find out more about the filming process and location used.

Screenshot: Canada’s Drag Race S1 E1 – iPlayer

Where is Canada’s Drag Race filmed?

  • Hamilton, Ontario

Numerous contributors on the Canada’s Drag Race Reddit have claimed that Canada’s Drag Race was filmed in a studio in Hamilton. Hamilton is a smaller port city which is just an hour’s drive away from Toronto. Lots of production has shifted to Hamilton, which makes it a likely choice in location. Reportedly, Big Brother Canada began shooting in Hamilton.

The production team are based in Ontario’s major city Toronto. This is why many of the queens on this series come from Toronto. The production company is Blue Ant Studios.

There was confusion following the first episode (Thursday, July 2nd) as the queens’ potato references had some jokingly thinking the show was filmed in Idaho, US.

When was Canada’s Drag Race filmed?

The filming of Canada’s Drag Race season 1 took place in November 2019.

The WOW team announced they were casting for the new series in July 2019 and had selected their twelve queens just four months later.

It is unconfirmed how long the filming went on for. But viewers have quickly spotted the fact they were filming in winter, as many of the cast and crew have kept wrapped up while on set.

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How to watch Canada’s Drag Race season 1

There are ten episodes in this first series of Canada’s Drag Race, each an hour long.

Episodes are released on Bell Media’s streaming platform Crave in Canada, and worldwide on WOW Presents Plus. Episodes air on the BBC in the UK. 

The final episode will air across the pond on Thursday, September 3rd. It will show in the UK on Friday, September 4th.

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Screenshot: Canada’s Drag Race S1 E1 – iPlayer



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