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Ryan Seacrest had to change his underwear during American Idol finale

On May 22, the finale of American Idol encountered a wardrobe malfunction as the program was airing live. This time, it wasn’t any of the contestants or the judges, but the host Ryan Seacrest. It had something to do with his underwear.

American Idol wrapped its 20th series, and its finale will be kept in its history books. Ryan Seacrest, who has been the competition’s host since 2002, had to change his underwear in the middle of Idol’s finale because viers thought that it was showing a bit too much “anatomy”.

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Ryan Seacrest’s awkward wardrobe malfunction

The host of American Idol had a little problem as he had to change his underwear during the finale of American Idol. However, it’s not what you think, but rather was more of a wardrobe malfunction.

During an episode of Live with Ryan and Kelly, the host shared the behind-the-scenes stories. Ryan revealed to have experienced an “embarrassing moment” after his stylist had realised that his underwear was “too tight”.

Explaining the situation in detail, Ryan said to have sent the live show to commercials after he had been alerted about the underwear situation.

“We go to commercial and [my stylist Miles Siggins] says, ‘Can I tell you something? We need to change your underwear’,” he quoted.

In a panic mode, things went downhill as he said to have not brought an extra pair of underwear. However, his stylist Miles Siggins came to save the day, saying: “Don’t worry, I got mine.”

Laughing at the incident, Ryan said to have felt very uncomfortable in the situation as he had to change in a corner and put on his stylist’s “shorter, tighter and elastic” underwear.

Kelly Ripa, who couldn’t believe it, shook her head and said to have handled it differently by changing the camera angle. She even vowed to never wear another female’s underwear unless it was Paris Hilton wearing hers “as a girdle.”

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Fans react to the shot in question – “All I can see is…”

During the 3 hours live finale, viewers couldn’t keep their eyes off it and went on to Twitter to demand that the host changed his underwear immediately.

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American Idol wraps up its 20th series in style

Putting Ryan’s embarrassing yet laughable situation, the 20th series of American Idol ended with a lot of high moments. Indeed, there was a lot of pressure during the finale, however, the contestants ended the signing contest with good vibes and of course, a lot of music.

Before Noah Thompson had been named the winner of the series, the exciting three-hour finale featured guest appearances by James Arthur, Ben Platt, Sara Bareilles, Flo Rida, Earth, Wind & Fire, and many more.

In addition, the night also included performances by Idol beloved judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie.

But don’t worry fans, this is not the end. American Idol will return in 2023.


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