Aquaria has fully cemented the rift between herself and her ‘drag mother’ Sharon Needles in a new statement. 

Any Drag Race fan will know of iconic mother-daughter duo Sharon Needles and Aquaria. However, since allegations of Sharon Needles’ abuse and manipulation of a fan came forward in July 2020, Aquaria has distanced herself from her drag mother.

This has left many Drag Race fans confused about what caused the rift, particularly as neither party has fully addressed where it originated.

So, what did Aquaria say about Sharon Needles?

Aquaria attends ‘ERDEM S/S 2020’ fashion show during London Fashion Week September 2019 London on September 16, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images)

Sharon Needles and Aquaria

Sharon Needles and Aquaria are both drag queen superstars, Sharon based in Pittsburgh and Aquaria in NYC. In 2012, Sharon appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race season 4 and claimed the crown with her fetish-inspired, punky, witchy glam. Sharon’s appearance elevated her status to one of the world’s most famous drag queens, but even before the show she was well-known in the New York scene. It was before the show that she inspired a young Aquaria to pursue drag.

Aquaria, whose real name is Giovanni Palandrani, appeared in Drag Race season 10 (2018). Like her drag mother, Aquaria claimed the crown easily.

In 2017, Aquaria said of Sharon: “We truly are a ridiculous pairing and I could not ask for a wiser, funnier, and all around amazing drag inspiration and mother.”

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Allegations arise on Twitter

In July 2020, a former fan of Sharon Needles made a written statement in a Google doc which claimed that they were manipulated and abused by the Drag Race star.

Sharon Needles, whose real name is Aaron Coady, is accused of befriending the fan while they were 15 years old and sustaining a friendship with her over the next two years. Sharon allegedly worsened her fan’s mental health, forced them to drink alcohol while they were underage, gave them drugs, and even exposed herself to the fan.

As of yet, Sharon Needles has not addressed the fan’s allegations.

What did Aquaria say about Sharon Needles?

On Wednesday, July 22nd, Aquaria took to Twitter to address the allegations about Sharon Needles. The fan in question, who made the allegations, also implied that Aquaria was a victim of Sharon’s.

Across five tweets, Aquaria cleared up that she no longer wanted to be spoken to about Sharon Needles. Aquaria also explained that she was consistently being bombarded with people who believe she is also a victim. Aquaria wrote on Twitter:

I am begging yall– please STOP harassing me about sharon needles. i have never sent that man explicit photos of myself ever and would have never had a reason or desire to do so. i was not a victim, but im now a victim of being incessantly bothered and interrogated about him.

In a follow-up tweet, Aquaria wrote: “i feel awful for anyone he has hurt. i have also said this a million times already, but i do not support that man and SERIOUSLY do not wish to continue speaking on my experiences beyond being supportive towards the victim. if i had a problem, yall know i wouldnt be shy to say so.”


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