Although there are many performances during America’s Got Talent’s time on TV that have received standing ovations from both the audience and the judges, receiving a Golden Buzzer is the ultimate recognition. To celebrate those who have received the Golden Buzzer, Simon Cowell and Terry Crews sat down to re-watch some favorites – with the mogul saying Nightbirde was his number one.

In the total of 17 seasons of America’s Got Talent, the four judges and the host have one chance to use their Golden Buzzer privileges for any contestant during the auditions. When pressed, the contestant automatically goes through to the next round – which takes a lot of their anxiety off their shoulders.

A total of six contestants have received a Golden Buzzer this year on America’s Got Talent. Judge Simon Cowell wanted to pay a tribute to his favourite moments during the intense weeks of auditions. Once those ends, six weeks of live shows will determine the next American Idol.

Simon Cowell’s favourite Golden Buzzers on America’s Got Talent

“The golden buzzers this year are sensational and these are my favourite moments,” he wrote in his Instagram caption.

He shared a video which showed six contestants being given the reward of automatically advancing to the next round of the competition.

In every episode (except the sixth) a contestant was awarded a Golden Buzzer. This is either by a judge, collectively or by the host. The following contestants have received a Golden Buzzer so far: Avery Dixon, Madison Baez, Sara James, Mayyas, Lily Meola, and Chapel Hart.

Nightbirde became Simon Cowell’s favourite Golden Buzzer audition

Last month, judge Simon and host Terry Crews sat down during a special America’s Got Talent episode to reminisce about the Golden Buzzers that have been given to the talented contestants in the history of America’s Got Talent.

Undoubtedly at the top position was Jane Marczewski aka Nightbirde from season 16. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, the late singer wanted to audition for the show.

After taking the stage with her original song ‘It’s OK’, she tackled her experiences during her last year battling cancer in the form of an emotional song. As the crowd applauded her in tears, Simon reacted to her performance by saying: “There have been some really great singers this year and I am not going to give you a yes.”

As the three judges and Jane watched in awe, Simon surprised her by pressing the Golden Buzzer, instead.

During the live shows, the aspiring singer decided to leave the series due to her cancer battle. She passed away in February 2022.

Simon Cowell admits he hasn’t re-watched Nightbirde’s audition

As they remembered Nightbirde, Simon and Terry cried. He revealed the reason why she became his favorite Golden Buzzer.

He said: “What was so special about Jane, in my opinion, was she was always optimistic… She recently passed away, which makes this tough, but all she kept talking about was her music.”

The music mogul also admitted he hasn’t been able to watch her audition since she passed away this year.

The show starts now

Starting August 9, 2022, the singing competition will begin with its live shows. On September 13, 20222, the ultimate winner that will take home the $1 million grand prize. That and a show in Las Vegas.

Simon Cowell, Sofia Vergara, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum, as well as the live audience and viewers from home, will witness the intense six weeks of competition with a total of 55 performances (11 acts per week).

Each week, contestants will be removed from the competition. The show celebrates its final episode on September 13, 2022. Magician, singer, and musician Dustin Tavella became the winner of the previous season.



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