Some of Simon Cowell’s fans have taken to Twitter in February 2023 to ask if he’s been shot in the chest.

The 63-year-old has suffered some injuries and accidents in the past few years and now fans are worried that Simon has endured another terrifying event.

Simon Cowell is currently appearing as a judge on America’s Got Talent All Stars in 2023 alongside Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum.

Let’s find out more about the rumors of Simon being ‘shot’ and how the music mogul is doing health-wise nowadays.

Simon Cowell holds up peace sign with finger at X Factor Auditions 2016 - Leicester
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Fans ask if Simon Cowell was shot in the chest

On February 15, Simon Cowell’s fans took to Twitter after hearing rumors that he had been shot in the chest. Many were simply asking in their tweets whether the rumors were true or not.

There aren’t any online reports to suggest that the America’s Got Talent All Stars judge has been injured, but he technically was once ‘shot’ in the chest by his fellow co-star on AGT.

Simon last took to Instagram on February 14 to share a post congratulating Harry Styles on his GRAMMY win in 2023. He hasn’t shared any information on suffering any kind of injuries via social media at the time of writing.

Sofia ‘shot’ Simon in the chest

Throwing it back to America’s Got Talent season 16 episode 4, Simon technically was ‘shot in the chest’ but only by playing a prank on Sofia Vergara.

Ryan Stock and AmberLynn carried out their comedy danger act on stage which involved a crossbow and balloons.

The pair asked Simon and Sofia to partake in the act. After Sofia was blindfolded and asked to “pull the trigger,” Simon stood with a balloon held above his head.

The crossbow wasn’t ever loaded as the prank was carried out on Sofia. However, she thought that she had fired an arrow.

After hearing screams when she pulled the trigger, Sofia took off the eyemask to see Simon lying on the ground with an arrow in his chest. Everyone joined in on the prank until Simon called her over and said: “got you.”

Talent Recap shares the moment via their YouTube channel.

The talent show boss had an accident

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem that Simon Cowell has ever really been shot in the chest.

The father-of-one has suffered some injuries in his time. He endured two e-bike crashes in less than two years in 2022.

E! reports that Simon underwent surgery for his injuries, but he’s “ok” now.

Simon also had another terrifying experience during the Britain’s Got Talent auditions in February 2023.

NME reports that Simon’s head was “set on fire.”

The report continues that while Simon is fine: “The magician reportedly then poured lighter fluid on Cowell’s hood, locked his head in a box, and dropped a flame into the box.”


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