Strictly Come Dancing came under fire again over the weekend as fans were left gobsmacked by the results show for more reasons than one.

Not only was the result a shock and disappointment to many but spoilers on Twitter ruined the result in advance for many viewers. And it was made worse as a former Strictly contestant had a role in spreading the result.

BBC presenter Kate Silverton was a contestant on last year’s series and after watching the show on catch-up in the early hours of Sunday, October 13th, she retweeted one of the Strictly spoilers she had seen.

So, what happened on the results show and with Kate’s blunder?

And to avoid a Kate Silverton slip-up, if you haven’t seen the results show from week 4, there are spoilers ahead…

Screenshot: Strictly Come Dancing S17 week 4 results – iPlayer

What was the Strictly spoiler?

Kate Silverton retweeted a spoiler from the Sunday night results show for week 4 which revealed that Dev Griffin and his partner Diane had been kicked off the show.

This is the third week in a row that Strictly Come Dancing has been hit with spoilers reaching the public ahead of the Sunday night results show.

Following the result hitting the internet, the press tried to cover up the spoiler and protect the results show. The Sun commented on Kate’s blunder but did not reveal who was supposedly kicked out. The Daily Express claimed she “mistakenly revealed” who was eliminated but did not comment on which dancing duo were kicked out.

Dev and Diane were the couple eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing in week 4.

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Kate tries to cover up

When fans of Kate Silverton saw she had retweeted the spoiler there was obvious uproar. One fan said: “I normally avoid tweets about strictly but couldn’t avoid this. Tomorrow’s show is ruined for me now.” Another chipped in: “Why retweet Kate. You should know better after being part of the show. Shame on you.”

Kate attempted to right her wrong during the day of the results show by explaining that she was watching Saturday night’s show on catch-up at midnight with “tired eyes” and retweeted without thinking.


The anger from her fans seemed to have subsided by the following day and many openly accepted this apology.

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Is Strictly Come Dancing fixed?


Although there are concerns about whether the spoilers mean the show is fixed from the night before, both the live show and the results show are filmed on the Saturday night. This means that audience members and the other celebs know the outcome of the Saturday show before the results air on Sunday.

The BBC does their best to keep spoilers at bay but they have been known to leak.

But the original spoiler Tweet shared by Kate Silverton implied the show was fixed as when they tried to cast their vote for Dev and Diane it wouldn’t go through.

There has been no word on problems with the voting system as of yet but Strictly Come Dancing is not fixed.

Many fans, following Kate Silverton-gate, have called for Strictly to return to airing both the live show and the result on the Saturday night to avoid problems like this in the future.




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