The Voice Kids: Meet twins Nancy and Betsy who are coached by actor Dani Harmer!

ITV’s The Voice Kids showcased the talents of many budding singers aged 14 and below during its first 2020 episode.

The Saturday night show had us cooing away, blown away by the incredible performances of many school-aged children. Two musical-singing twins particularly became fan favourites in the talent show.

Judged by musical icons Pixie Lott, Paloma Faith, Danny Jones and, twins Nancy and Betsy may not have had anyone turn for them, but they put on a fantastic gig for the audience.

Their sister Connie, who went on stage after the twins’ song, had all four judges turn for her. But who are twins Nancy and Betsy? Which BBC actor coaches their talents? We done some digging!

Screenshot: Nancy and Betsy, The Voice Kids, ITV, Episode 1 Series 4

Who are Nancy and Betsy?

The twin sisters are both aged ten and from Ascot, Berkshire. Betsy is older than Nancy by one minute. They both auditioned for The Voice Kids as it was their “dream” to perform on the talent show stage.

Their older sister Connie teaches them to sing, but they are also coached at the Dani Harmer Academy run by BBC Actor Dani Harmer.

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They sang Bring Me Sunshine by Willie Nelson during Saturday’s 7.25pm episode.

Screenshot: Nancy and Betsy, The Voice Kids, ITV, Episode 1 Series 4

Nancy and Betsy: Their performance on The Voice Kids

When first appearing on Saturday’s episode, the bubbly twins said they were best friends as well as twins.

They also gave a hint of comedy in their introduction, with one saying she was nervous and letting off a fart, leaving them in fits of laughter.

The duo also joined arms and danced together while judges listened in their red chairs.

Once judges saw their faces, they loved them for their unison, when the twins said “thank you” and other phrases at exactly the same time.

Who coaches the twins? Dani Harmer spotted!

Actor Dani Harmer, who is best known for her main role in The Story of Tracy Beaker, was spotted cheering on the twins alongside their family. The 31-year-old also starred in spin-off shows Tracy Beaker Returns, which she won a BAFTA for in 2010, and The Tracy Beaker Survival Files.

She runs the Dani Harmer Academy in Berkshire and pledged her support for the duo and their sister Connie on social media – saying she was seen “blubbing in the background”.

The 2012 Strictly Come Dancing star confirmed it was her on The Voice Kids and said: “Yep, that was me!! They didn’t explain why I was there so I looked like a crazy fan stood next to a random family.”

Many fans were shocked to see her on The Voice Kids on Saturday night’s show.

The actor was shown on The Voice Kids for a few split seconds, but she certainly brought back childhood memories for many viewers.




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