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Why did Janel Antoneshia leave The Voice 2021? Her withdrawal explored

The latest episode of The Voice revealed some shocking news as viewers found out  Janel Antoneshia and Wura were no longer a part of the show. Here’s a look at why Janel left and what led to her withdrawal.

Janel managed to leave a mark on people with her singing skills, and fans were disheartened to find out she will no longer be a part of the show. The news of her withdrawal came shortly after everyone found out that Wura had decided to leave the show due to medical reasons. Here’s a look at what Janel had to say about not being a part of the show anymore.

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Why did Janel Antoneshia leave The Voice? confirmed that Janel had decided to withdraw from the show. However, he did not give any details as to what happened. After people got wind of her departure, her fans took to social media to find some answers.

Janel assured her fans that she was fine as she shared a couple of Instagram stories. She explained, “sadly, I had to walk away due to some stuff. It is all good. I am still looking forward to seeing who wins.” Unfortunately, Janel did not give the details about what happened.

In another Instagram story, Janel admitted it wasn’t an easy decision to walk away. “I made the best decision for self and career in the situation. Trust me – not all wins are.”

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Twitter reacts to Janel’s departure

People were shocked to hear about Janel’s departure, and it took only seconds for them to react to it on Twitter. “The only two people I was rooting for on @thevoiceuk were Janel and Wura and both withdrew,” read one comment.

Another added, “Whyyyyyy is Janel not in #thevoiceuk anymore… my favorite by a mile.” Janel’s Instagram comment section was also with comments where people asked to come back on the show.

Even though Janel is no longer a part of it, she continues to support her cast members. She reacted to some of the performances on her social media and wished everyone good luck.

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