Star Willam exclusively revealed to Reality Titbit the alleged Drag Race drama between Raja and Michelle Visage. Now, Trinity The Tuck has spilled more details in a viral TikTok. It appears the library is open…

It’s never a good Drag Race episode without a little drama. However, it’s claimed TV editors have been keeping the catfights to a minimum for fans. It appears some drama was kept away from normal viewing.

In an exclusive Instagram Live with Reality Titbit, Willam Belli previously hinted Raja had conflict with another member. And now Trinity The Tuck now spilled more tea during a recent live gig which has been uploaded onto TikTok.

“This b**** gets it”

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Talking to Reality Titbit’s Ryan Wilks, Willam revealed producers have been editing out the bad stuff. Apparently, all the “crickets and the bad stuff – there were definitely some sh**** things.”

Leave it to her to give us the juicy gossip. She went on to tease how there was an alleged “showdown with Raja”. Here’s exactly what she disclosed.

“I don’t know if it’s going to make the air, but she gives it to someone who has needed it to been given to for a long time coming, and this b**** gets it.”

Even Alaska 500 needed some clarification, to which Willam seemingly mouthed “Michelle”.

“She screams at her and says, ‘Fire her! She’s not at my level,'” the season 4 contestant claimed.

Willam is seemingly on Team Raja who went on to rant on how certain celebrities judge their Drag Queen talent. Raja allegedly ranted over the judge having no qualifications themselves. She shaded Michelle by saying “other than being friends with the host, or going to Vogue balls in the 80s and saying Madonna stole her ex”. Ouch.

Trinity The Tuck talks Raja tea

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In a TikTok dated July 26, a fan asked the All Stars 4 winner which episode Raja and Michelle Visage’s drama took place. Trinity claimed: “The third episode!”

“So everyone thinks that the judges didn’t give us negative critiques on All Stars 7, they did. They did give us negative critiques, they just chose to edit that out. RuPaul has that song, Blame It On The Edit? Well, b***h, I’m blaming it on the edit. The edit was they chose not to show any of the negative critiques – which is fine, it made everyone look great!

“But, Michelle came for Raja in episode 3 and Raja looked dead at Michelle and said ‘Who are you to judge me? You have no credentials other than being the host’s best friend.’ Then we got offstage, backstage in the Werk Room, the cameras were cut and she told the producers [about Michelle] ‘She should be fired.’”

Trinity added one last comment to avoid stirring the pot: “I don’t know whether I agree or not, that’s what she said. We’re spilling the tea right here.”

Watch the TikTok here.


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