For the first time ever, America’s Got Talent has awarded a contestant a collective Golden Buzzer.

Usually, each of the four judges has a Golden Buzzer to award to an outstanding contestant during this auditions stage. This will send them straight through to the live shows, bypassing the elimination rounds. While this is still in place, they have also introduced a ‘collective Golden Buzzer’, which all four judges agree upon.

During Tuesday, July 6th’s episode, Victory Brinker made history, earning the show’s first-ever collective Golden Buzzer. She auditioned for America’s Got Talent 2021, accompanied by her mother, Christine. Find out about her parents and wider family here!

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America’s Got Talent, Season 16: First Look – Celebrating Sweet 16!

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Who is Victory from America’s Got Talent?

Victory Brinker is a 9-year-old singer from Unity Township, Pennsylvania.

This is not the first TV show that Victory has featured on, as she also appeared on NBC’s Little Big Shots. Victory competed on the show last year, when she was just 8 years old. She was similarly accompanied by her mother Christine on Little Big Shots.

Victory has competed in singing competitions since a young age. At age 6, she won a competition with the opera classic, “Ave Maria.” Let’s hope that Victory will repeat her success on America’s Got Talent this summer!

Screenshot: Golden Buzzer: 9-Year-Old Victory Brinker Makes AGT HISTORY! – America’s Got Talent YouTube

Victory Brinker on AGT

Victory earned herself the collective Golden Buzzer during her America’s Got Talent audition. She surprised the audience by performing an opera piece, “Juliet’s Waltz.” The aria comes from Charles Gounod’s opera adapted from the Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet.

In her AGT interview, Victory said: “When I’m singing it makes me happy, happy and happy.”

All four judges were blown away by the young singer’s operatic voice, with Simon describing her vocals as “beautiful.”

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Who are Victory Brinker’s parents?

Victory was accompanied to her AGT auditions by her mother, Christine Brinker.

Christine said on the show: “There’s nothing more touching as a parent than to see your child do what they love to do.” She also acknowledged that it was Victory’s dream to compete on America’s Got Talent, which is why she brought her to the show at such a young age. “I am beyond proud of Victory and I hope that all of her dreams come true,” Christine continued.

Victory’s father did not appear on the show, although he has featured on her official Instagram account.

Victory was adopted by her parents. They have eleven children, nine of whom are adopted. Victory is one of five girls, with six brothers.

In a Father’s Day post earlier this year, Victory’s Instagram caption read: “Happy Father’s Day to my Daddy who has the most open selfless heart, giving unconditional love and care not only to the eleven of us blessed to call him Dad, but helping and guiding so many others! We love and appreciate you!” The post also included the hashtag #adoptionrocks.



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