Katy Perry’s adorable pooch, Nugget, stole hearts with her appearance on American Idol last night, so what kind of dog does the judge have?

Dog moms bring their furry friends everywhere and Katy Perry is no exception. The American Idol judge brought along her brown curly-haired pup, Nugget, to the latest round of auditions, and fans were mesmerized by the sheer level of cuteness.

She wasn’t alone though; Lionel Richie was also joined by his dog, Sylvester. He is a black and tan pomeranian.

American Idol isn’t Nugget’s first taste of fame; she’s actually a seasoned professional thanks to her national ad campaign in 2017, and brief SNL cameo.

ABC's "American Idol" - April 29, 2018 - Arrivals
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What kind of dog does Katy Perry have?

Nugget is a micro teacup poodle, one of the smallest dog breeds. They have a lifespan of 13 to 15 years. She has been part of the Perry family since 2016.

Katy nearly lost Nugget in June 2018 after her pooch jumped off her bed and became unresponsive for three minutes. Luckily, Katy’s assistant saved the day by bringing her back to life with doggy CPR.

Nugget seemingly walked away – or limped – from the incident with a broken leg after the singer posted a photo of her with a pink bandage.

The teacup poodle made her TV debut in Citi’s 2017 Double Cash card advert, during which she showed off her style in a red embellished collar. If you’re a die-hard Katy fan, you may have also seen the pooch appear in her mom’s Small Talk and Swish Swish music videos, as well as Dwayne Johnson’s SNL closing scene.

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Katy’s favorite dog breed is teacup poodles – she’s been a mom to three

Katy and Orlando Bloom also share a teacup poodle called Butters. Their third pooch, Mighty, passed away in 2020. Mighty went missing so the A-listers hired a professional pet detective to locate their dog. Sadly, after a week of searching, she discovered Mighty’s collar and knew he had died.

The couple put up lost dog posters, offering a $5000 award.

“We’ll miss out little buddy boy, Nugget’s brother so much,” Katy tweeted. “Forever a paw-shared hole in hearts. RIP Mighty.”

Orlando, meanwhile, got a red tattoo of Mighty’s name and a heart on his chest in tribute.

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