The Masked Singer audience saw Firefly take to the stage for its usual uplifting performance, but then came a shocking moment when the contestant appeared to start choking.

It is the one-of-a-kind competition where celebrities go undercover and sing their hearts out on stage, as judges Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke try to guess whose behind the mask.

The crowds watching live (and those watching from home) tend to chant those famous words: “Take it off!” However, the usual curiosity surrounding the celebrity’s identity was replaced with genuine concern on March 9th.

We found out what happened to Firefly all of a sudden, and how the concealed celebrity is after the incident.

What happened to the Firefly?

The Firefly appeared to start choking midway through their performance.  Their rendition of “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan was interrupted by a slight choke, and bent over to regain their voice back.

Singers often use their voice to a greater extent than most of us, which can lead to choking or sore, inflamed throats as a result of practising ahead of performances. So it’s no wonder that the Firefly ended up coughing on stage.

Judges commented on the star’s impressive comeback after choking. Nicole Scherzinger described Firefly as a “fighter” after saying “she just pulled right through it.” Robin Thicke said:

It’s got to be hard enough to walk out here, sing and put on these costumes, but to go through that type of a challenge, go backstage, regroup that quickly and come out and put the best performance of the night.”

Following the choking incident, Firefly managed to pull through, was taken off-stage and then started her performance again. It comes during the same season 7 premiere episode when McTerrier’s mask fell off.

Fans react to The Masked Singer ‘choking’

Viewers who noticed the Firefly choking were impressed with how they continued performing after the incident. Many hoped they were okay, while others didn’t even notice what happened.

One fan wrote: “Ain’t Nobody like the Firefly; way to come back to that song and performance after that coughing fit… A real and true contender and definitely lit up the stage tonight.

Another said: “I’m glad the Firefly mask is ok. I was worried about her when she had that horrible cough attack.”

OMGGG her voice is amazing but I hope she’s okay. I think she is Teyana Taylor for Firefly Mask!!“, reacted a fan.

When Firefly came out and put on a stunning performance, she received a standing ovation from the audience and judges, so they definitely redeemed themselves after the choking incident.

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Theories about Firefly’s identity

Looking through social media guesses, most viewers have already placed their bets on Teyana Taylor. The American singer-songwriter said they have been “performing all their life” following their March 9th episode performance.

However, there are several fans who believe behind Firefly is R&B singer Monica, who judge Jenny McCarthy is convinced is behind the mask. Ken believes it is Alicia Keys, while Nicole thinks it is comedian Aisha Tyler.

A viewer said: “All I need was that run at 1:10 to know it is Teyana!!!!! Her voice is literally one of a kind. I could cry!!!!!

Actor Gabrielle Union has also been a guess among fans, while her “stance and voice” make viewers still think Monica could be behind the mask. However, Monica isn’t from New York, a firm hint given by the performer.



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