Racers, queens and avid fans everywhere, start your engines, as Season 3 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK is heading to your screens this September.

Amongst a line-up of 12 new Queens is Charity Kase, who will be attempting to strut, lip-sync and perform their way to the 2021 final.

This season’s cast is bringing something a little different to the table – meet Charity Kase and keep reading as we Ru-veal all…

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Who is Charity Kase?

Charity Kase is a 24-year-old drag queen, creature, and character designer based in London. Their aesthetic is very punk-based – something which hasn’t really been seen before on Ru Paul’s drag race UK.

Their drag is a creative mashup of the Manchester and London scenes, and some of her looks are absolutely terrifying (but also amazing of course!)

The Queen has taken inspiration from people such as Grayson Perry, Josephine Baker, Ryan Murphy, and Tim Burton.

Charity Kase said that not being able to recognize herself in the mirror became an “addictive and fulfilling feeling”.

The contestant wants to challenge stereotypes in the drag industry, and explained in an interview with Pop Buzz that there’s a huge problem with feminine beauty ideals in the industry.

Charity Kase on Drag Race

In a teaser posted by @dragraceukbbc, Charity Kase says their drag shows involve “shock, horror, gore, glamour and maybe a little bit of vomit”.

Drag is Charity’s way of “escaping from this bland, grey world that we live in” and we don’t blame them!

The Queen wants to open people up to “a whole new art form of transformation” adding that we haven’t seen alternative, and have only “tip-toed around the edges”.

Although they have a hard exterior, Charity Kase says that they are a secret softie, and not the “cold villainous person” they make out to be.

Charity Kase on Instagram

Charity Kase already has a huge following of 126k followers on Instagram!

Their following began when they expressed themselves through 365 days of drag series in 2017 which impressed people all over the world – including names such as Vogue, The Independent, and Vice.

You might be thinking – 365 days of drag?! How is that even possible?

This shows just how talented this queen is. They said that their struggles with being diagnosed with HIV are what gave them the inspiration to create new characters daily, as this helped them process how they were feeling.

If I woke up angry, I turn myself into a demon. And I’d feel angry and be angry and look angry and act angry. But it was my way of getting these emotions out and using them for good rather than just hurting myself and other people with them.

Interview with Charity Kase & Pop Buzz



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