RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is set to come back with a bang for its latest season. Choriza May is amongst 12 Queens joining this year’s line-up.

Drag Race fans have been awaiting the line-up for Season 3, and it’s finally here. Each year, RuPaul’s Drag Race releases a teaser of what to expect.

Get to know the contestant Choriza May throughout this Reality Titbit piece, which shows some incredible examples of their drag.

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Who is Choriza May?

Choriza May is a 30-year-old Drag Queen and Graphic Designer based in Newcastle – and they have taken over the toon!

They are originally from Valencia, Spain, and moved to Newcastle just six years ago to begin their career in the drag industry.

The Queen’s name is a play on words – with Chorizo and Theresa May. Chorizo, as it’s a Spanish sausage, and they have a sausage… And Theresa May, as they wanted to bring politics into their drag.

When they came up with the name, Theresa May was our Prime Minister, and Brexit was the hot topic all over the country.

As they are from Valencia, the contestant could not vote for Brexit, which they were very frustrated and angry about. They felt their voice could not be heard even though they were living in Newcastle.

So, they used their drag platform to voice opinions and thoughts about the Brexit situation through performances.

If you’re wondering if you’ve seen Choriza May before – you probably have! They have appeared on shows such as ITV2’s Celebability and has already won drag competitions such as Drag Idol Newcastle 2019 and Liverpool’s Big Drag Pageant. Could Ru Paul’s Drag Race 2021 be added to this list?

Choriza May on Drag Race

So, what can we expect from “Newcastle’s Spiciest, Meatiest and Silliest Sausage” on Season 3 of Drag Race?

Well, Choriza May describes themselves as the “Queen of drama” so we can definitely expect some sass from this sausage.

They said that they can sew, sing, but can’t dance very well. This could put them below other competitors who can dance, but their drag may help them stand out from the crowd!

Choriza May describes themselves as “unique, talented and ambitious”. Determined, they believe they’re going to win Drag Race, so we’ll have to watch and find out if they will live up to their word…

Choriza May on Instagram!

You can find Choriza May on Instagram at @chorizamay, where they show off their fantastic drag looks… here are a few of them!



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