River Medway is one of two Kent Queens to face the judges on RuPaul’s Drag Race, amongst several contestants hoping to get the 2021 win.

From sassy catwalks to having to lip-sync their way to success – or elimination – the Queens on this year’s competition are getting ready.

From September onwards, fans will get to tune in to the UK version of RuPaul’s Drag Race season three, where they get to meet River Medway.

We found out everything you need to know about the drag race star, as well as some make-up transformations and looks they have served.

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Who is River Medway?

River Medway, 22, is a drag queen from Kent. They describe themselves as “50% white British, 50% Singaporean and 100% a crossdresser”

As there’s so little drag in Kent, they revealed this competition has allowed them to do the drag they want, as there’s no specific style and they can do what they like, such as “dress as a butterfly”!

They began drag when they were just 15 years old, started dressing in drag to parties and clubs when turning 18. Then, the contestant decided to start doing it professionally and as a career!

This Queen loves musical theatre and singing live. However, they don’t perform just for people to look at them, they want to have connections with their audience. This is so they can get to know each other as “that is when people really fall in love with you”.

River Medway is inspired by the one and only Hannah Montana. Not only because of the makeup and outfits, but because of the transformation from day to night, which is how they feel in drag!

Besides the double life pop star, River Medway is also inspired by her mum and sister, “glam divas” who always wear makeup outside of the house.

They have their own website, where you can purchase all things drag, from wigs, lashes, and merchandise.

River Medway on Drag Race UK

The Drag Race star describes themselves as very competitive, and says they’re “in it to win it”.

They want to strut on the runway and show RuPaul’s Drag Race audience their ultimate talents!

Even if River Medway doesn’t win the show, knowing that they have given young queer people somebody to look up to is enough for this Queen.

Check out River Medway in action with her performance to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance at Garrick Theatre, London!

Meet River Medway on Instagram

@rivermedway currently has 14.9k followers on Instagram.

Their content is full of colourful looks, from candyfloss pink hair to a leopard print green number (she’s living her best Hannah Montana life!).

The queen is a “pop princess, musical theatre connoisseur, Shrek 2 enthusiast and Hannah Montana lover”, as proudly stated in their bio.

During the run-up to season three, River Medway has been promoting their gigs across 2021 events, suggesting she’s not shy of the stage.

They also shared a post paying tribute to their late mom, who passed away in December 2020. River Medway wrote:

“After the worst month of my life, unfortunately I’ll be starting 2021 without you and with a huge hole in my heart. I can’t wait to keeping making you proud everyday.”



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