RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is back for a third season, with Queens from all over the UK competing. Scarlett Harlett is amongst the line-up…

Strutting the catwalk, designing their own outfits, and lip-syncing to the beat will be Scarlett, along with the other contestants joining the show.

Could Scarlett Harlett be the next superstar RuPaul is searching for? We got to know the Queen, who hopes to showcase their talents this year.

In walks Scarlett’s Instagram, leaving a few jewels along the way…

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Who is Scarlett Harlett?

Scarlett Harlett is a 26-year-old drag queen from the Isle of Dogs, East London.

They describe themselves as a ‘cockney princess’, the ‘Queen of the East End’ and the ‘Danny Dyer of drag’!

Although Scarlett Harlett says they are a “beautiful woman with movie star looks”, they revealed they’re the opposite when they open their mouth…

The Drag Race star began drag 7 years ago, so has a lot of experience up their sleeve. They have appeared as an extra in some very famous movies, such as Rocketman and Absolutely Fabulous!

Now they have revealed their excellent acting experience, RuPaul’s drag race UK’s audience is going to have some high expectations for Scarlett Harlett in the acting challenges…

They also describe themselves with the 3 C’s: cheeky, classic, and common!

Scarlett Harlett on Drag Race UK

Scarlett Harlett’s reason for competing in RuPaul’s Drag Race is to show people from the Isle of Dogs that anything is possible, and if they can get out of the working class lifestyle then so can anyone!

They have explained that they didn’t grow up with much, and have worked extremely hard to end up in the position they’re in today.

This Queen believes they are different from any other East End Queen’s who have appeared on Drag Race before, as Scarlett Harlett is real and stays true to her East London self, by being down to earth and having a laugh.

As much as some contestants will try to study the show before they enter, Scarlett Harlett reveals that you cannot ‘crack the code’ of Drag Race.

They believe you can only see how the show works and what RuPaul likes, and go with that.

Meet Scarlett Harlett on Instagram

If you aren’t already wowed by Scarlett Harlett, just wait until you see their Instagram – it’s full of lots of jewels and patterns.

This Queen is here to impress, and nobody’s stopping them!

@scarlettharlett currently has 17.5k followers, and 416 posts of their incredible looks. Here are some examples of their recent drag outfits…



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