Series 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK is back in September 2021, with a familiar face announced in the new line-up, Veronica Green.

The Queen is amongst several who are getting ready to strut their stuff, try to lip sync their way to the win, and put their best drag looks together.

RuPaul will judge which BBC contestant is worthy of a crown. It comes after Veronica Green took part in season two but had to leave halfway through.

From the Queen’s age, background and drag career, Reality Titbit has explored all viewers need to know about Veronica Green.

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Who is Veronica Green?

Ru-introducing… Veronica Green! This Queen is a 35-year-old drag queen from Rochdale, Lancashire.

This Queen is inspired by their sister, which is where they got the name ‘Veronica’ from!

Their series 3 Meet The Queen’s outfit is actually their sister’s sweet sixteen prom dress made by their mother, so it’s very sentimental to them.

They describe themselves as gorgeous, goofy, and professional.

Veronica wants to do it all – movies, pantos, soap operas, and game shows!

Veronica Green on Drag Race

Veronica Green appeared on Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, however, had to leave after a positive test of COVID-19.

They were told they could not return to the show, which left them absolutely devastated as they were having ‘so much fun’.

However, this Queen has been given a second chance by Ru to appear on season 3, and they weren’t EVER going to turn that opportunity down!

Veronica Green is back and better than ever, ready to face the judges again and take that crown.

This hun believes they might have an advantage over the other Queens, as they won the first-ever UK Rusical, and were called a triple threat by judges last season!

Since season 2, they claim they’ve changed, not as a person but their drag due to the pandemic and recent events in their life – so we might see a new side to Veronica Green this season!

Veronica Green on Instagram

As this isn’t their first rodeo, Veronica Green already has a large following on Instagram, with over 160k followers! (veronicaqween).

Here are some of the drag looks from the Queen themselves…

The Drag Race UK star tends to go for classic retro traditional looks and hair up dos, and doesn’t hold back when it comes to getting festive.

Tending to stick to bold outfits, Veronica Green sticks to quite a natural make-up look with an coloured theme, and lets their personality shine.

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