Who won America’s Got Talent Extreme 2022?

Who won America’s Got Talent Extreme 2022?

The first season of America’s Got Talent Extreme came to a close this month and we have finally been introduced to the first-ever winner after weeks of continual chaotic and crazy talents.

The two-hour finale was jam-packed with performances from the finalists as well as Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker making an appearance and now fans who didn’t get to watch the finale want to know who snatched the win.

Keep reading to discover the acts and gold buzzer groups that made it to the final as well as who was crowned the first winner of AGT Extreme 2022.

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Embrace the Panda: Making Turning Red | Official Trailer | Disney+

Embrace the Panda: Making Turning Red | Official Trailer | Disney+
AGT Extreme. Picture: Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders Delivers a Nail-Biting Performance | AGT: Extreme 2022

The grand finale

We got to see lots of performances in the finale as there were quite a few talented acts left to whittle down to just one winner. The finalists included dad and daughter duo, The Nevertheless Nocks, “heavy machinery agility” act JCB Dancing Diggers, fire dancer Will Brandon and aerial artist, Erica Lemay.

We then had the golden buzzer receivers welcomed back to the stage, these included Aaron Wheelz, Alfredo Silva’a Cage Riders, Verge Aero, Cyndel Flores and Lemay.

The final two spots were filled by free runner Aaron Evans and high wire performer, Jade Kendar-Martin who were voted for via the public on Superfans.

The acts were quickly whittled down to a final four consisting of Aaron Wheelz, Lemay, the Cage Riders and Kindar-Martin but these were soon knocked to a final two by Terry.

Our top two finalists for the season were Aaron Wheelz and Alfredo’s Cage Riders.

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Who won AGT Extreme 2022?

After the top 12 were whittled down to a top two, the acts got to perform for the judges one final time to fight for the top spot. Simon was incredibly impressed with both of the acts and said:

After everything that both of you have done, somebody’s got to win, and I can’t wait to hear the results. Genuinely, I don’t think either of you could have done any more. Good luck.

Simon Cowell, AGT Extreme

Terry then announced that the first-ever winner of AGT Extreme 2022 was Alfredo Silva’s Cage Riders. The act deservingly won the title of most extreme talent in the US as well as a whopping $500,000.

Alfredo was over the moon when he heard he had won and dropped to his knees in shock. He was also extremely happy for the rest of his team as he had previously revealed that his best friends were all part of his act.

Alfredo has been on AGT before

Eagle-eyed fans will have probably recognised Alfredo from a prior season of AGT. He appeared on the show in 2016 for Season 11 where he auditioned as part of a life throwing dump with his wife, Anna Silva. The pair were called Deadly Games.

They did very well and managed to make it to the semi-finals but were unfortunately booted off before they could grab the win.

They returned a second time for AGT The Champions but again didn’t manage to win. Alfredo fans are over the moon that his persistence paid off and he finally bagged a win.



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