Why is Arthur Gunn on American Idol again? Fans upset as ABC contestant returns

Recently many American Idol season 19 fans were shocked to see Arthur Gunn back on the show.

Dibesh Pokharel, a Nepalese native, who goes by the stage Arthur Gunn is the season 18 runner up of American Idol. The ABC show recently introduced him to the show’s season, 19 contestants line-up and the decision did not sit well with many fans.

Many stated it was unfair for him to get a second chance.

Why is Arthur Gunn on American Idol again?

It appears as though Arthur has gotten another shot at becoming the American Idol.

The April 19 episode of the show introduced the 23-year-old singer among other Season 18 contestants. The ex-contestants were introduced as a part of the show’s ‘Comeback Twitst.’

For his comeback performance, Arthur harmonized to the tunes of the song Iris, by Goo Goo Dolls cover. Amazed by his performance, Idol judge Lionel Richie told him, “You happen to strike the right chords in me.”

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Arthur managed to win American Idol Season 19’s comeback round. Ryan Seacrest announced on Sunday, May 2 episode that Arthur had secured the spot.

The winner of this round gets to join the Top 10 contestants, for another shot at the Season 19 title.

Other contestants who competed against Arthur to snatch a spot in the Top 10, included Faith Becnel, Franklin Boone, DeWayne Crocker Jr and etc.

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Fans upset as Arthur Gunn returns to American Idol

Ryan’s big announcement did not sit well with many viewers. After Arthur joined Top 10, many fans took to Twitter to slam the show’s decision.

One user said, “I think Arthur Gunn is great, but dude was literally the runner up last season. It feels very awkward and unnecessary having him in this years competition.”

Another user said, “Arthur Gunn, you’re a good guy but we can’t let someone crash the party and take the title away from this year’s contestants. Sorry! RT!”

Also, a third user wrote, “Alyssa should not have been eliminated. I like him, but not even sure it’s fair that Arthur Gunn is being allowed to re-compete this season.”

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