When Fritz’s usual appearance on American Idol 2022 didn’t happen on the May 8th episode, ABC viewers were left seriously concerned about what happened to him. Plus, was there a Covid-19 outbreak?

It was announced that Fritz Hager III, who is competing as a top 7 contestant on the singing competition, was unable to perform on the live show during the night. The host also shared that two finalists had tested positive for Covid-19.

Fan favorite Fritz, 22, was on everyone’s minds after the announcement, with many unsure where this left his role in the contest. However, he managed to keep winning both the judges and audience over despite his absence.

We’ve got all the details on why Fritz was suddenly not on the latest American Idol episode.

Fans react to Fritz’s absence

When Fritz could not appear on American Idol in person, many were left disappointed and confused about how he was able to submit his performance from his rehearsals (the day before he fell ill).

One fan told him: “You’ve got to sleep a lot and drink a lot of water! We need you!”

Another wrote: “Sorry you are sick. You still sounded amazing. I might have cried. Get better soon.”

“Noah sounding good #AmericanIdol, he’ll definitely be safe. Why is he performing in the hotel room when Fritz performed in the studio?” a confused fan asked on Twitter.

Why is Fritz not on American Idol?

Fritz Hager tested positive for Covid-19 on the morning of the show. His rehearsals aired on the May 9th episode instead of a performance, before he later soared to the top five of the 2022 finalists.

Host Ryan Seacrest announced that Fritz was one of two who would be missing their live performances, but that it would still be possible to vote for them. “I am feeling good,” Fritz told viewers from his hotel room.

He continued: “It is like a prison here. I hope to get back on that stage.” He added that he has been sleeping a lot to pass the time. His rehearsals showed him singing original song “All My Friends” and “The Ocean”.

Who got Covid-19 on the ABC show?

Noah Thompson also tested positive for Covid-19, so he performed from his hotel room on the May 9th episode. While Fritz made it to the practice sessions, Noah wasn’t able to and therefore was able to perform.

He began feeling ill last week and went into quarantine following a positive test. Noah has since been quarantining inside his hotel room and revealed via video on May 9th. He said: “I’m getting by, man. It sucks.

“This is my first time having Covid. I’m getting through it though.” Despite having the virus, he was able to sing “Painted Blue” from Sundy Best straight from his hotel room – a song he has performed on TikTok!



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