Celebrity X Factor: How old are V5? Viewers in awe of young singing squad

After fifteen years of running, The X Factor has switched up its format for 2019 with a celebrity special. The season brings well-known faces to the stage, from Instagram influencers and reality stars to actors and TV presenters, revealing their secret talents for music.

One of the lesser known acts is girl group V5, a group of Insta influencers from Latin American countries such as Colombia, Cuba and Brazil.

So, with fans of the show wanting to get to know V5 better, one of the most asked questions about is about their ages, as they look so young!

So, how old are the members of V5?

Screenshot: V5 Celebrity X Factor – ITV

How old are the members of V5?

The girls ages range from 18 to 21-years-old.

The eldest is Laura Buitrago, who was born on February 27th, 1998 making her 21-years-old.

Sofia Oliveira and new member Renata Vaca (who joined after Natalie Valerin left) are both 20-years-old. Sofia was born on August 9th and Renata on March 26th. Both were born in the year 1999.

Just a smidge younger is Alondra Martinez who was born on October 8th, 2000. This makes her 19-years-old.

And finally, the baby of the group is Wendii Sarmiento, who is just 18-years-old. She was born on April 26th, 2001.

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Where are the girls from?

Most of the stars featured on The X Factor: Celebrity this year hail from the United States or the United Kingdom. But V5 are one of the acts who come from all around the world.

In fact, the girls hadn’t even met before the filming started! They got together just seven days before their audition.

They all come from Latin American countries, which covers North and South America, and Caribbean countries speaking Spanish, French and Portuguese languages.

Laura and Sofia are both from South America, as Laura is from Colombia and Sofia is from Brazil.


Wendii and Alondra are both from Caribbean islands. Wendii is from Cuba and Alondra is from Puerto Rico.

The new member Renata is the only member from North America, as she is from Mexico.

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Follow V5 on Instagram

To keep up to date with all the latest on the girl group, be sure to follow them on Instagram on their music page @v5music.

Already they have over 27,000 followers and counting.

Considering they have a combined total following on their separate Instagrams of just shy of 3 million, it’s no surprise that they’ve gained a huge fanbase from the get-go.

We can’t wait to see what these girls do next!



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