Are you ready for some good news? We think 1000 lb Sisters is back for Season 4 after Tammy has been hinting at it on her TikTok. Fans have been worried about the future of the show after the reality star seemed to be making no progress with her weight loss and her sister Amy had already reached her goal weight.

Tammy had also been a lot less active on her Instagram and TikTok for a while too due to the backlash she faced last season for how much time she spent on social media and not focussing on herself.

However, she has finally made her return to TikTok and it was incredible – not only has she lost over 100 lbs, but she has also hinted at Season 4 of 1000 lb Sisters.

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Yaha Waha | BFI Flare 2022 Trailer | BFI

Yaha Waha | BFI Flare 2022 Trailer | BFI
Tammy Slaton. Picture: Tammy Has Been Partying at Home | 1000-lb Sisters

Tammy hints at Season 4 after losing 115 lbs

For the first time since the show started, Tammy has managed to lose a whole load of weight at rehab with a total so far of 115 lbs, which equates to over 7 stone.

The reality star also made her return to TikTok for the first time in a while where she directly spoke to viewers. The video was in response to a comment which was requesting Tammy for an update on her rehab and weight loss journey to which she responded,

I would love to give you a weight loss update, but you will have to wait until Season 4 comes out, sorry. Just know that I’m staying on track, and everything is looking up.

Tammy Slaton, TikTok

This got fans incredibly excited as there were genuine concerns for the future of the show, but it looks like there will almost definitely be a season 4 coming out soon.

Tammy is still in rehab

Thanks to eagle eyes fans as well as her Instagram pictures, you can tell by the background of the TikTok video that she is still going strong in rehab. Tammy revealed that she would be going to rehab at the end of season 3 and said she would stay for as long as she needs to, which she has definitely done.

The reality star has been there for a while now and has lost a serious amount of weight and fans couldn’t be happier for her and have shown their support on her Instagram and Twitter.

Tammy wants to lose enough weight to be able to qualify for bariatric surgery which help her maintain her weight loss, but the star still has a while to go until she gets there.

What is Tammy up to now?

Aside from being in rehab and working on her weight loss, Tammy is still managing to keep herself busy and stay active with her fans and wider audiences.

Tammy’s most recent post on Instagram is advertising a TikTok live that is set to air on the 4th of March with the 1000 lb Sisters star as the special guest. We don’t know what this is about yet but we cant wait to find out.

The Instagram live will be over on Twistprintz TikTok, so head over and set a reminder if you’re interested to see what Tammy has to say.


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