1000-Lb Sisters Amy and Tammy might be each other’s biggest supporters during their weight loss journey together, but this doesn’t mean the two siblings have not had their quarrels on camera – some of them are shocking. Reality Titbit gathers some of the most dramatic, heartbreaking, and happy scenes from the show 1000-Lb sisters.

The stars of 1000-Lb Sisters, Amy and Tammy Slaton, document their lives as they go through their weight loss journeys. However, the challenges and difficulties have led to an occasional feud between the two siblings despite their close bond.

During the show’s run, the cameras captured their highest and lowest moments when dealing with food addiction as they try to improve their health and lifestyles.

1000-Lb Sisters had had many dramatic moments, which a few have left fans shocked at how those have affected their relationship as siblings. Bust just like in any family, they always found their way to each other.

1000-Lb Sisters’ shocking scenes – Tammy’s tantrums and a ruined vacation

A ruined vacation

Tammy is not going through the best times, and her tantrums have affected her relationship with her family.

During the family vacation, Tammy had a major argument with the family. It all began after she broke down in tears in the car, and as her sisters came out to support her, she lost her temper and began shouting.

“I want to go home,” she said. “Stop putting words into my mouth.”

As Amanda called her sister out, Tammy wasn’t having any of it. The family then gathers around to have a meeting, they decide to prioritize their time together as a family despite her stubbornness.

Tammy ends up leaving and going to a hotel and spends the entire time talking to her ex-boyfriend.

Tammy and Amanda’s argument over an electric wheelchair

Tammy and Amanda are no strangers to getting into arguments. However, their recent dispute during a family holiday left viewers shocked after witnessing yet another big argument between the two sisters.

As the family was having lunch outside, it turns out that their argument came after the use of the electric wheelchair.

Tammy wasn’t appreciating Amanda’s tone of voice, and vice-versa, which led to Tammy deciding to leave their family holiday earlier than expected.

“The whole dinner was ruined,” Misty told the cameras. “It was pretty much over at this point.”

However, Amanda returns to the family table to apologize to the rest of the family as she said to be “sick of her abuse”.

During the confessional, Tammy said her sister had “ruined the whole trip” while Amanda recalled all the drama with her younger sister with her husband.

Amy’s good news on a second pregnancy

Amy has always wanted to be a mother, and her physical condition wasn’t going to stop her from creating her own family.

After welcoming her first child, Gage Halterman, whom she shares with her husband Michael, she was looking to give her another sibling, though she ran into several difficulties.

However, Amy managed to get pregnant for the second time and shared the great news with her family and fans.

In July 2022, Amy introduced the world to her second son, Glenn Allen Halterman, who was born via c-section.

Fans were initially worried about the TLC star after being told she would be a high-risk pregnancy.

Amy’s Chihuahua Little Bit passed away from cancer

While Amy was pregnant, the reality star had to deal with the sad news of the death of her dog, Little Bit, shortly after the family learned the pet had cancer.

In an emotional message through Instagram, Amy said goodbye to her beloved pet, who sadly crossed over the rainbow bridge. During previous episodes, fans saw a close bond between Amy and her Chihuahua, who was often seen showing her love.

“Rip little bit. I love you so much,” she captioned, adding a picture of him sitting on top of a pillow.

Amy’s dog has made several appearances on 1000Lb Sisters, which left fans heartbroken as her biggest and emotional support would not be seen anymore in future episodes.

Scenes over health scare and losing 115lbs

The finale of 1000-Lb Sisters ended in a cliffhanger and sparked concerns after a scene showed Tammy being rushed to the hospital and put into an induced coma.

During the episode, the family were told by the professional medics her body was ‘shutting down’ and weren’t sure whether she’d ‘make it through the next hours’.

“They’re just telling us that her lungs have given up and like her body is shutting down,” Amanda said during the confessional.

Miraculously, Tammy eventually woke up from her coma and had a trach tube inserted to help her breathe. Once she got better and back on her feet, the 35-year-old returned to her weight loss journey at the rehab center.

In another scene, her brother Chris tells the cameras during a confessional about Tammy’s progress, saying she’d already lost 115lbs. Her sister Amy also spoke on the matter, as she was relieved and ‘glad’ to know about her sister’s improvements.



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