Tammy Slaton has re-admitted herself to rehab after her first attempt was unsuccessful. The 1000 lb Sisters star returned to rehab before the new year to give her weight loss another go after doctors and fans shared their concerns over her noticable weight gain.

An exclusive source told The Sun that Tammy checked herself back into rehab before the New Year after she failed her treatment plan.

Tammy’s recent behaviour has been deemed ‘reckless’ and fans are growing ever more concerned about the stars long-term health.

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Catching Killers | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Catching Killers | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Tammy plans to stay in rehab until summer

The anonymous source told The Sun that Tammy has set herself a goal to be out of rehab by the summer. Tammy is paying for her weight loss treatment herself and due to it’s expense, hopes to be on the mend by summer.

The reality star’s decision to return to rehab was her own and her choice to visit a facility eight hours away has been deemed a sign of her commitment and effort.

During the most recent seasons of 1000 lb Sisters, we have seen Tammy’s weight increase drastically and fans have made their opinions clear for a while.

Fans are discouraged as this is Tammy’s second attempt

This isn’t Tammy’s first attempt at rehab, she checked in to a weight loss facility during season 2 of the show.

Initially, it was a success as Tammy managed to lose 60 lbs and only had 40 more to go until she could qualify for surgery to continue helping her with her weight loss.

However, Tammy chose to leave rehab early and though she promised the doctors and staff that she would continue the work at home, she didn’t.

It didn’t take long for Tammy to put the weight back on and fans lost a lot of faith in the star and her future weight loss goals.

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Friends and fans are worried

Though fans of the show have made it clear that they are proud of her for trying rehab again, it’s hard for them to have confidence in the outcome.

Her recent Instagram pictures show her with a trach (stoma) and fans have voiced their concern for her health.

Though she reassured her followers she was fine, Tammy’s most recent weigh-in was 639 lbs which is the heaviest she has been. With her drinking, smoking and lifestyle in general, fans are now genuinely concerned.

Underneath an Instagram selfie, one person said, “As always, sending prayers that you are prioritizing your health and taking the help we all need at times. I believe in you.”

We believe in Tammy and hope she manages to maintain and reach her weight loss goals.



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