The 90 Day Fiance: Tell All 2022 has dropped some surprise news – three ladies are pregnant. We already know Emily is expecting as cameras follow her journey but, the question is, exactly who else is carrying?

Excitement surrounds the show after couples went through trials and tribulations on the TLC series, including Jibri and Miona trying to find somewhere to live.

Although there has been no confirmation of who is pregnant, fans – including this Reddit thread – have been coming up with their own theories on the couples they hope could be about to start a family together.

And it appears Kara is at the top of viewers’ hopes for the patter of tiny feet.

Pregnancy reveal on Tell All 2022

The 90 Day Fiance: Tell All preview revealed more than one person is pregnant. Along with Emily Bieberly, whose pregnancy has been confirmed on the TLC show, two other female cast members of season 9 are expecting.

Although Kara hasn’t said anything about a potential new arrival, Screenrant reports some fans think Thaís has been trying to hide a pregnancy after scanning her Instagram photos.

All the current season 9 couples still seem to be together, including Kara and Guillermo, who married in July 2021. Several fans have created theories about who has fallen pregnant, with their wish-list including 48-year-old Yve and other stars.

Some fans think Kara might be pregnant – others don’t

Alongside the pregnancy announcement, some fans hope Kara might be expecting following a recent Instagram video. The claims started to grow shortly after their wedding was aired on TLC.

The couple have been married for more than a year in real time, as filming took place a while ago. When Kara posted a video on Instagram on the way to work, fans were curious.

Fans claimed to notice a change in her appearance. One Reddit fan alleged she has “pregnancy lips”, while another claimed: “She is very pretty, she’s pregnant, so naturally her body has changed.”

However, some don’t agree she is expecting and think Shaeeda or Thais might be pregnant instead. Ari has also been included on a fans’ list of potential stars who could be expecting.

However, with none of the stars confirming, this is all pure speculation. We’ll just have to wait!

Kara has been contacted by Reality Titbit for comment.

Emily’s pregnancy journey

Emily revealed on Instagram in July she is expanding her family with Kobe, who she already has one son with. Her pregnancy journey has been shared on 90 Day Fiance, which has sparked some family issues.

Emily’s father warned her not to get pregnant a second time, which caused some tension between the daughter-dad duo. Despite their differences, Emily’s co-stars Kara and Miona have congratulated their co-star.



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