90 Day Fiance’s Jen Boecher has addressed the medical condition affecting her eyes after laughing off the cruel tweets about her appearance.

As if opening up about your personal life on TV doesn’t make you vulnerable enough, viewers are jumping to conclusions about Jen Boecher due to the appearance of her eyes. Thankfully, the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star hasn’t allowed haters to affect her spirits; she even finds them funny.

That being said, she has finally opened up about her medical condition.

Jen Boecher wearing a leopard-print top whilst sitting in a restaurant
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90 Day Fiance’s Jen Boecher’s eyes are affected by ptosis

In a fan appreciation video uploaded to Instagram, the 46-year-old thanked followers for the supportive comments.

“There’s a ton of memes, but at this point, I’m just laughing at the memes,” she said. “I find them really funny, a lot of them have to do with my eyes. People are like, oh she’s high all the time.'”

The TLC star clarified that she isn’t stoned; she has a condition called ptosis, the medical name for the drooping of the upper eyelid.

A drooping lid can interfere with vision by affecting the top part of the visual field. Those with the condition may have difficulty keeping the eyelids open, causing eyestrain or eyebrow ache from keeping the lid open.

Ptosis can be present at birth; it is commonly due to a defect in the levator muscle which raises the eyelids. It can also be an acquired condition due to trauma, cataract surgery, or other eye operations.

Jen Boecher speaking in 90 day fiance confessional
credit 90 Day Fiance youtube channel

Fans think Jen Boecher has sanpaku eyes

If you don’t know what sanpaku eyes are, let us fill you in.

Sanpaku translates to “three whites” in Japanese and refers to how the whites of somebody’s eyes are visible either above or below the iris.

The east Asian superstition suggests that if the whites are visible at the bottom, it means the person is in danger from the outside world. If the whites are seen at the top, it hints the inside world is a danger, meaning the person has no control over their emotions and is capable of doing bad things.

Reality Titbit emphasizes that there is no scientific evidence to confirm the associations between sanpaku eyes to personality traits; they are simply internet theories.

Sclero show would be the medical term for people who have more visible whites of the eyes.

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