90 Day Fiancé: Megan Potthast's OnlyFans account explored

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After villains Charlie and Megan Potthast are notorious for starting fights and causing immense amounts of drama.

To add to the drama, it was revealed that Megan sells explicit pictures for money and has an OnlyFans account.

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Who is Megan Potthast?

Megan revealed in an Instagram story that the couple actually met in high school when Charlie was 19 and Megan was only 16. Many fans were not shocked to discover this and one fan mocked Charlie commenting: “Bahahaha he was that chad in college that dated teenagers and would go back to high school for the school dances”.

Megan Potthast is married to Charlie Potthast and they share 4 children with each other. Charlie is always the centre of any drama in the Potthast household, and TLC viewers will definitely remember the moment he acted up at Libby and Andrei’s Moldovan wedding ceremony.

After delving deep into Megan’s Instagram, Reality Titbit found that she loves the publicity related to the 90 Day franchise using both the 90 Day Fiancé and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? hashtags on her Instagram posts.

She also posts healthy recipes which demonstrate that she has a big focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but when she’s not posting recipes Megan loves a holiday post with a drink in hand!

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Explained: What pictures does Megan sell?

It is clear that the family drama is not going to be resolved soon, but one shocking revelation that was revealed was that Megan sells photos of her body parts for money

Megan said: “I get requests for different pictures and I sell them and make money,” she said, before claiming Elizabeth, Jenn and Becky got her into it. “They can call me trash all they want but they started before me.”

However, the three women denied ever selling pictures of their feet and Becky threatened to sue Megan for lying, to which Megan replied “I know, you sell other pictures”.

Megan explained: “It’s more than just feet, but, anyway. If people like my feet and people have foot fetishes, why not make money? I would’ve never thought I could make money from selling foot pictures but foot modelling is a thing and if I could make money, why not?”

She even boasted that she has made over a thousand dollars per day selling these pictures.

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Megan’s OnlyFans account explored

Reality Titbit did some digging and found Megan Potthast’s OnlyFans account where her bio states “I play many roles”.

Megan has a total of 482 posts and 7.3 likes on the explicit photograph platform.

She is selling a subscription for $14.99 per month and a 3-month subscription for $33.73 for users to have access to her explicit pictures.



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