Michael and Angela are one of the most most popular couples on 90 Day Fiancé and have been working hard to keep their long-distance relationship together for almost two years.

However, a recent episode of the series showed things are getting a little tense for the couple as Angela accused Michael of asking for $5,000 to take his Instagram down.

Wild Croc Territory | Official Trailer | Netflix

Wild Croc Territory | Official Trailer | Netflix

Angela and Michael have major argument over money

In this week’s episode Angela, 56, diverted her plan to make Michael, 34, feel “extra loved” as he spent his birthday away from her. Instead, her focus was on trying to “fix things” between them.

People reports that during a video call, Angela began by wishing him a happy birthday before asking how he spent the day. Michael said he stayed in because he couldn’t afford to go out. Things got heated as Michael said:

I mean, I don’t have more cash on me, so I had to stay at home. Remember? I told you to send me some money, but you refused.

During a confessional, Angela said:

You have been blessed all these four years and now you want to be ungrateful. I’ve always provided Michael with enough money to live on so he can make payments on his car, keep his phone on, and have a TV. So where is that money going if he’s asking for more?

Angela then claimed: “He [Michael] had the nerve to threaten me [that] he would take down his Instagram only if I send him $5,000. Now how much shadier can he get?”

Angela accused Michael of ‘talking to women’ on Instagram

During the same conversation, Angela let it all loose as she accused Michael of blocking her and “talking to women” on Instagram.

However, Michael said he didn’t think him having social media was “a big deal,” branding Angela’s concern “crazy.”

Despite Angela asking him to take his social media down, Michael refused, saying: “I am not taking it down, and that is it.”

Angela then called her husband a “social media wh*re” and alleged:

His feed and comments are filled with women, and who knows what in the hell happens in his DM? Would you trust your husband if you knew he was flirting with other women on social media? No, you wouldn’t. And if you say yes, you’re telling a lie.

Some fans call Angela a ‘hypocrite’

Since the episode there has been uproar on social media as fans take sides. Some have labelled Angela a “hypocrite,” accusing her of flirting with men online too. One person on Twitter wrote:

Wait, Angela! Michael can’t talk to other women but it’s okay for you to talk to other men? You can’t have it both ways. You’re wrong too, Angela.

Another wrote:

Angela: Michael giving women on social media attention.
Also Angela: Flirting with men on said social media publicly.

It seems the couple have a lot of issues to sort out in their relationship.


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