90 Day Fiancés Ximena Morales has bamboozled fans after posting a series of baby bump photos, fuelling rumours she was pregnant. However, after closer look it appears there is a simpler explanation following the pregnancy photos Ximena shared online.

*Warning: 90 Day Fiancé spoilers ahead*

Ximena Morales gained a social media following after her appearance on 90 Day Fiancé. The 24-year-old was engaged to 34-year-old Mike on Before the 90 Days. However, fans have been sceptical over their relationship given their emotional distance.

After a rollercoaster relationship, it seemed that Mike and Ximena are over for good after In Touch reported on 10 April they parted ways. The rumours of the break up comes less than a year following their engagement. During the Tell-All, however, Mike claimed they were planning a Cartagena vacation to mend their differences.

Ximena was rumoured to have moved onto a man named Josh Romero. After her latest Instagram Story posts of a baby bump, fans are speculating she’s welcoming baby numero tres.

The Bachelorette | Season Premiere

The Bachelorette | Season Premiere

Ximena Morales’ Instagram confuses fans

On Saturday, Ximena posted three photos – two of which were of a baby bump – sparking rumours the OnlyFans creator was pregnant.

We’re here to confirm that she is not pregnant, as proved by her captions. Writing “what a friend and I am the godmother, thank you” and “friend, congratulations on your baby” in Spanish. It appears a friend who is the expectant mother.

Another snap was of a five-month ultrasound, which also belonged to her friend.

The TV personality hasn’t addressed the fake pregnancy rumours. However, she has uploaded several selfies of herself with new aqua blue braids instead.

Ximena wasn’t happy with Mike’s living habits

The couple met on a webcam site, and despite Ximena claiming that Mike wasn’t her usual type, they pursued a relationship anyway.

Fans were concerned since Mike was paying for much of her expenses while she kept her distance. Viewers witnessed the manicurist complain about his daily habits, such as farting and leaving dirty clothes on the floor.

Already a mother to Juan David – age nine – and three-year-old Harold Steven, she initially kept her inability to have more children a secret. Despite that, the couple got engaged but were still far from the honeymoon period.

Breakup rumours surfaced on social media in February after Ximena’s wrist tattoo of Mike’s name was replaced with a Lilo & Stitch character. Their names were also on each other’s Instagram handles with heart-eye emojis, but they’re no longer there.

Mike has yet to respond to comments regarding the break-up specifically, but he has liked fan replies telling him he “deserves better”.

It’s still not yet clear if the pair are still loved up.

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