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90 Day Fiancé's Big Ed selling 'fart jars' but fans find link to Stephanie Matto

90 Day Fiancé alumni Big Ed has stumbled upon his next big business venture – fart jars.

Big Ed is known for his unconventional methods. However, he still manages to conserve his large following on social media, and his many businesses have turned out profitable. His latest one? Questionable.

Big Ed rose to fame after getting into a long-distance relationship with Filipina Rosemarie Vega. After ending their relationship, Ed gave it another shot and got down on one knee for Liz Woods. However, soon after getting engaged, the two called it quits.

Compared to his previous ex-girlfriend Rosemarie Vega, who went back to the Philippines for a life away from the spotlight, Ed has been making a living by continuing to appear on the 90-Day series.

Before he introduced his newest business addition, the 57-year-old was already making the coins by selling merchandise with his face printed on them. Now, he sells fart jars. Literally.

Big Ed starts selling ‘fart jars’

Big Ed decided to merge a jar and his “personal essence” for his next business venture. Recently calling it quits with his former fiancée Liz Woods, the 57-year-old has found an alternative way to spend his time and earn some money.

Copying the footsteps of former 90-Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto (also known as the ‘jar fart girl’), Big Ed announced his newest business venture by selling his own fart jars. At a price of $29.99, pranksters or lovers can get a “personalised message in a bottle,” which comes handwritten by himself.

Bid Ed offers two different scents: “Big Ed’s ASSence” which is aimed at the enemies and “Rose scented” for the person one loves. Wittily, he used his ex-girlfriend’s name for one of them.

Through its website, the 90-Day alum says for its fart jars to be “collective” and have a “premium gas straight from Big Ed’s a**”. The page also sells mugs, notebooks, mouse pads, and postcards with its logo.

Big Ed accused of copying Steph Matto – “Guess you ran out of ideas”

The idea of selling fart jars is just another one of his many merchandises, but fans were not too keen on him taking it to the next level. Some others even called him out for stealing Stephanie’s idea and even using his former partner’s name.

A fan said: “This is a total parody right? Otherwise, the thirst is unreal! Wow🤦🏻‍♀️” Another fan wrote: “Guess you ran out of ideas and had to copy Stephanie Hahhaha..”

“Rose huhhh so original,” a third one commented. Another followed: “Money-minded Ed.”

Despite its backlash, other fans laughed at the idea. Some even joked about “thinking of a few people they’d like to send that to.”

Bankruptcy days are over, his net worth proves it

Despite rumours on the internet, Big Ed has reportedly been making some big earnings. According to Cheatsheet, Ed was $185,704 in debt. The star declared himself bankrupt two times between 2014 and 2017. However, appearing on national television while exposing his love life seemed to have worked in his favour.

As of today, his net worth allegedly stands at $800,000 which proves his lavish style from the success of his businesses and his profession as a photographer. Also, appearing every now and then as a guest star on the 90-Day program has helped build his career.

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