90 Day Fiance fans left bamboozled by Thais' Brazilian stroganoff recipe

90 Day Fiance fans left bamboozled by Thais' Brazilian stroganoff recipe

When Thais cooked up a Brazilian stroganoff on 90 Day Fiance, Patrick‘s brother John ended up spitting it out. Fans were just as confused over her recipe and are now itching to find out the method behind the dish she cooked.

Most people know beef stroganoff is cooked with steak, so when Thais used chicken in her dinner dish, everyone was totally bamboozled. As a result of the recent 90 Day episode, a huge discussion has formed on social media.

From a flurry of requests for the exact recipe she’s using to total confusion about whether she’s cooking the dish the traditional Brazilian way, it’s clear that Thais has caused quite the stir – without even meaning to!

Fans react to Thais’ recipe

When Thais added mustard and ketchup into her chicken stroganoff dish, viewers were totally baffled. Considering she is Brazilian, some thought that she may have been cooking a traditional recipe from home.

One fan wrote: “Watching Thaís put ketchup and mustard in that “stroganoff” #90DayFiance.”

Another had Thais’ back, and came to the conclusion that she used different sauces to the usual recipe due to not having all of the ingredients in the cupboard and fridge.

They said: “Brazilian Chicken Stroganoff (Estrogonofe de Frango) – Easy and Delish. She probably subbed the ketchup for tomato sauce and the yellow mustard for Dijon. That was sweet of Thais to make dinner for her fiancée.”

Thais addresses stroganoff confusion

After Thais’ stroganoff recipe caused a stir on social media, she reposted a friend’s Instagram story to her page. It appears that her loved one was just as concerned as the rest of the nation watching.

They asked Thais: “Did you watch the stroganoff scene? It was ridiculous. Because the ingredient was missing and then I didn’t know how to cook it, lol.” In translation, it looks like Thais didn’t have all the ingredients at the time.

The shared Instagram story uploaded by her friend says that they hope one day, people can forgive Thais’ actions in the ninth season, AKA the beef stroganoff situation.

Thais responded: “Please, where is the cream.”

Thais’ Brazilian stroganoff

Brazilian chicken stroganoff is made using a flourless and creamy chicken gravy. Typically, a stroganoff is made using beef, which is an originally Russian dish of sautéed pieces of beef served in a sauce of mustard and Smetana.

Patrick announced that his beau Thais was cooking a stroganoff from Brazil when she cooked for both him and his brother John. His sibling was less than impressed, but Patrick seemed to happily enjoy the dish.

Thais, however, used ketchup and mustard in her recipe. This led to Patrick’s brother John spitting out the dish, but Brazilians makes the dish with heavy cream and no flour to thicken the sauce, as per Easy and Delish.

She mixed onions, chicken, ketchup and mustard in a pot to fry, but the dish usually does involve adding tomato sauce. This led some to think she was using substitute sauces to replace whatever she didn’t have at home!



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