90 Day Fiance fans want to see Shaeeda's real hair after Bilal pin drama

90 Day Fiance fans want to see Shaeeda's real hair after Bilal pin drama

Shaeeda always wears her hair in a hijab during 90 Day Fiance scenes. Since her partner Bilal began getting annoyed at finding her hair pins everywhere, TLC viewers are eager to see her real locks.

The star wears a hijab for her religion and has taken to Instagram in the past to write: “Eid Mubarak” to her followers which means “Blessed feast/festival” in Arabic. Shaeeda and Bilal have their faith in common and are both in a traditional Muslim marriage.

The Qur’an instructs Muslim women and men to dress modestly, and for some, the hijab is worn by Muslim girls, although the Islamic headcoverings can come in many forms.

Since Bilal made references to the pins Shaeeda uses to keep her hijab on, viewers are being led to wonder what she looks like when she’s not wearing her scarf. Looking at her Instagram, she, unfortunately, hasn’t shared any pictures so far.

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Bilal talks about Shaeeda’s hijab pins

When Shaeeda and Bilal had a heated discussion about how she felt he lectures her whenever they have a conversation, he went on to say that he fell in love with her for her faith.

She told him that his hand is on her pin before he questions why she has pins on the couch. Shaeeda said that sometimes she places them on there when she takes off her hijab and forgets to put them back.

Shaeeda asks if it’s a problem, which Bilal says it is. He then asks: “Do you know how expensive this couch is?” She said he is being ridiculous, before adding: “This is something we [Hijab-wearing women] do, we keep pins on the cushions.”

Fans want to see 90 Day star’s hair

When the subject of Shaeeda taking her hijab off came up in conversation, many fans of 90 Day Fiance wanted to know what she looks like without one. Twitter users were eager to see pictures, describing her as “beautiful.”

A viewer wrote: “Shaeeda I want to see her w/o the hijab. I know we’re not supposed to but I just want to see her hair. She’s very beautiful. #90DayFiance.”

Another took to Shaeeda’s Instagram and said: “I want to see her beautiful hair. Please show us.”

“Let her show her hair. Even if its for once. So we can see the rest of her beauty,” commented a fan.

Shaeeda Sween’s real locks

Shaeeda has been careful not to share any pictures without her hijab on, throughout the show and on her Instagram. However, Reality Titbit managed to find a photo of the 90 Day star as a young girl, before she began wearing them.

She appeared to have brown, slightly curly hair as a baby. Her mother Trini also wears a hijab, as seen on the TLC star’s Instagram page, and did so when bringing up Shaeeda as a young girl.

Other than that, Shaeeda is living up to making history as the show’s first star to wear a hijab. Although she has revealed she sometimes takes it off at home, she ensures to keep her hair covered when filming scenes.



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