90 Day Fiancé Jenny and Sumit focus on 'their happiness' to then reconnect with his parents
Screenshot from 90 Day Fiancé's YouTube Channel: Jenny and Sumit Apologize After Their Fight | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

90 Day Fiancé Jenny and Sumit focus on 'their happiness' to then reconnect with his parents

Jenny and Sumit’s love story is facing their biggest crisis as Sumit’s parents are said to have disowned him following his secret marriage to Jenny. Now, she has given him an ultimatum to choose between their “happiness” or their parents.

In the last couple of weeks, viewers have seen very dramatic scenes between Jenny and Sumit with his parents. Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? followed up on the explosive argument between the couple.

Jenny Slatten is 30 years older than her husband Sumit Singh. Nonetheless, their strong love for each other has gone beyond their age difference. Both met online after Sumit catfished her. As feelings between the two grew, he came out clean of his actions leading to Jenny giving him an opportunity.

10 years later and after a 90-day journey as fiancées that included the disapproval of family members, Jenny and Sumit returned to give an update about their relationships. It’s clear that things are not going well in paradise.

Jenny and Sumit’s aftermath after the intense fight

After their intense discussion, Jenny and Sumit sat outside to have a chat in hopes of fixing what had happened between them. Sumit, who was heartbroken, revealed that he had expected more from her “as a wife” after seeing how disappointed his parents were to find out that he had married her.

The 33-year-old is said to have felt a “duty” to comfort his parents after scenes saw his mother Sahna breaking down into tears and saying to disown his son over his betrayal. As the couple began to conversate, he began saying, “I know that it’s a shock for them, as they were thinking we were not going to get married.”

Sumit continued: “And I’m losing my family just for you and I thought you were here, to support me. As a wife, I was expecting more from you.” He then continued to explain that partners should support each other.

The 63-year-old then admits to having been “wrong for yelling at you” and apologized for realizing how upset he was. Nonetheless, she asked for his understanding as she also “needed you at the same time”.

As they both end up making amends and hugging, Jenny asked her husband if he had any regrets about telling his parents.

“Actually, I feel, like, a little torn. Like, as I said, I’m not regretting marrying [you]. But I think if I’m happy, that will make my parents happy, but that is not happening. So I feel like, is it worth it to just make yourself happy over your family’s happiness?” he answered.

Fans react to the couple’s “good vibes”

Knowing that episodes are filmed weeks and months ahead of their release date, Sumit and Jenny continued to show their love through their social media accounts. Of course, this hints at a happy ending between the couple, hence why they have continued to go on vacations together and gush about each other.

Days before Sunday’s episode, Jenny took to Instagram to share a series of images with her hubby during a romantic getaway to the South of India. In a message to her 320k followers, she reveals to only be “good vibes” between the two.

Fans of the couple then began to praise Jenny and Sumit for sticking up together despite their family’s hardships. Proving once again, to be one of TLC’s favorite and most successful couples.

One wrote: “I love your relationship. I know it’s been hard but you both fought for it and it is sweet.”

Another commented: “I never thought you guys would make it together…But I was wrong… Yours is pure love!”

A third fan penned: “That show was powerful last night! I understand your mom is your mom and the culture but jenny is your wife you did the right thing!”



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