90 Day Fiancé: Who is Amira's alleged new boyfriend Camel Ventura?

90 Day Fiancé: Who is Amira's alleged new boyfriend Camel Ventura?

The 90 Day Fiancé came to an end with the second part of the tell-all airing on April 18. Amid this,  Amira Lollysa spoke about her new boyfriend. Here’s a look at who is Camel Ventura.

Amira and Andrew Kenton had received a lot of attention on the show, and it was for all the wrong reasons. Several fans thought that the couple was better staying apart. At the same time, their relationship smelled of drama when the two found it hard to come to an understanding. Amid this, people were not surprised when Amira revealed she had moved on from Andrew.

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Who is Amira’s alleged new boyfriend Camel Ventura?

Amira dropped major news when she revealed she was dating someone new. The reality star admitted she was dating someone in the US. However, she did not disclose the name. As per Screen Rant, Amira’s alleged new boyfriend is Camel Ventura.

Even though Amira has stayed tight-lipped about her relationship, as per the screenshots, Camel has been more open about it. According to his Instagram bio, Camel is a graphic designer and a DJ. He also lives in the US and does not shy away from showing off his lifestyle on social media.

Camel is also a part of Drumz Brand, a clothing company based in LA. The website states that the company has “deep roots in art and music.” The website continues: “We are about artists, performers, athletes, and everyday people who share our passion for their lives and their families. With strong ties to Drum and Bass culture, we work with many established and up and coming artists and crews from all walks of life.”

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Are Amira and Andrew still friends?

The tell-all gave a glimpse of where Amira and Andrew stand now. The two do not seem to be on speaking terms. In fact, Amira refused to film for the tell-all with Andrew on the set. He was asked to leave the set by the producers as Amira filmed her segment.

Speaking about this situation, she said: “It takes a lot of time to realize when you’re in a toxic relationship. I’m scared because I will never know when he’s gonna yell at me. I don’t know when he’s gonna be mad at me.” Hearing this, Andrew decided to not continue the tell-all and left.

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