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90 Day Fiance's Mike and Aziza Eloshway are closer than ever despite rocky start

90 Day Fiance aired in January 2014, featuring Mike and Aziza Eloshway. It wasn’t always smooth sailing but, nine years later, they’re happier than ever.

Since its inception in 2014, 90 Day Fiance has become one of the most popular reality shows. It has spawned five spin-offs that document couples before and after their possible unions.

The OG show has already aired eight seasons – but where are the couples now? Mike and Aziza Eloshway were among the drama-filled couples and, to this day, new 90 Day fans get wrapped up in their romance, with many unsure whether Aziza was genuine.

We’re happy to inform you they are happily married. Now let’s find out some more.

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The G Word with Adam Conover | Official Trailer | Netflix

The G Word with Adam Conover | Official Trailer | Netflix

90 Day Fiance beginnings

Mike, a 31-year-old technical support expert from Cleveland, Ohio, met Aziza, a 21-year-old student from Volgograd, Russia, on a language-learning website in 2012.

Strangely, Aziza admitted they were only friends and claimed she only developed romantic feelings for Mike after her US work permit application was denied.

They subsequently became a couple and applied for a K-1 visa, allowing her to stay. During the wedding planning, however, they experienced affection and intimacy issues as the student didn’t want to get intimate with her future husband.

If you’re a 90 Days fan, you’ll remember Aziza famously instructed Mike not to sleep next to her and he had to abide by her house rules – no wonder fans were concerned he was being used for a green card.

That being said, it didn’t help that Aziza was battling homesickness as her parents were unable to attend the wedding.

Regardless, they tied the knot in October 2013:

They didn’t want to discuss their private moments in public

In 2017, a Reddit user questioned the couple’s whereabouts and, surprisingly, Mike answered. He said they have never had major fights and “everything’s been positive and loving since day one”.

As for the intimacy issues, they “weren’t really into discussing it” in front of a camera crew, who “did what they wanted with that awkwardness” – we don’t blame them; no one should know about their sex lives anyways.

They’re now parents to daughter Olivia

On 14 January 2019, they welcomed their daughter, Olivia Joan, and they’ve been a loving family of three ever since.

If you scroll through their social media, especially Aziza’s, you’ll only find adorable photos of her with Mike and their three-year-old. At this point, they should start a family YouTube channel.

Check out the Eloshways’ cutest pics

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