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90 Day Fiance's Paola Mayfield wrestling fame and family life with Russ

Although TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé has a history of couples who haven’t succeeded in taking the big leap in their long-distance relationships, there are some who have. Paola Mayfield and Russ are one of them – so where are they now?

During their 90 days engaged, the couple stole the hearts of viewers and became the favourite couple on the show in the first ever season. Almost a decade after their love they update fans with their adorable family life and son.

Interested enough? Keep reading to find out more about Pao and Russ. Here’s a preview: Paola seems to be the fighter of the family, literally.

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Pao and Russ are still going strong despite rough patch

Screenshot from Paola Mayfield’s Youtube channel: My favorite Word 😍 /

Paola ‘Pao’ Mayfield and Russ met in Colombia and tied the knot in Russ’ hometown Oklahoma back in 2013. Their relationship was showcased in the very first season of 90 Day Fiancé.

The couple’s relationship was going great and the two were very much in love despite cultural differences. In 2018, Pao and Russ shared the news that she was pregnant with their first child. Their son Axel was born in January 2019.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many couples differently, some have gotten closer than one while others have needed a break from being together.

According to US Magazine, last year in August 2021, the pair announced that they would be taking a break from their marriage. However, the relationship didn’t end in divorce and instead attended couples therapy “to work on the issues”.

Fast forward until now, they seemed to have found their way back to each other and are living their own happy fairytale.

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Paola’s wrestling fame and happy life with Russ

After 90 Days Fiancé, Paola decided to kickstart her career as a model and fitness trainer. With a killer figure, she would sell different types of workouts on her own website.

Paola Mayfield even changed her alias to Paola Blaze, but things changed last year and the reality TV star became a professional wrestler.

Speaking to In Touch Weekly, she said: “I have tried so many things in my life … but I never felt like I was complete. There was something always missing, and I always tried to have fun and enjoy everything I do.” 

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According to Screenrant, she faced some judgments but her hard work and determination has made her a very successful wrestler. Touché.

More than a year after her career change, Paola is still fighting as Paola Mayfield, ditching her Blaze past.

Totally focused on her new profession, she doesn’t forget to share snippets of her relationship with husband Russ and their son, Axel.

The three have been recently spending a lot of time together; going on trips and adventures as an awesome trio.

No caption is needed, we love seeing them together!

Want to catch up with Paola and Russ? Get the latest updates from her YouTube account.

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