90 Day Fiance's Ron and Betty are worth millions years after 1991 wedding
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90 Day Fiance's Ron and Betty are worth millions years after 1991 wedding

Ron and Betty Gibbs, known as Brandon’s parents on 90 Day Fiance, have been sharing regular updates to social media about how they are doing. From their age to net worth, the married couple have had many successful years.

Having wed in 1991, they know what it’s like to spend years of marriage with another person. So when their son Brandon met Julia, Ron and Betty had their doubts but have since became closer than ever with the 90 Day star.

Several TLC viewers are asking what Ron and Betty’s age and net worth is, so Reality Titbit found out. Plus, how are the couple doing these days? Since Ron was diagnosed with cancer, many wonder how he is doing health-wise.

Meet 90 Day Fiance’s Ron and Betty

As we know from 90 Day Fiance, Ron and Betty own Hummingbird Acres Farm, which is located in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. This is where the pair reside (with some extra company from their farm animals).

On their website, they state that they raise all-natural, pastured Katahdin Lambs/Sheep, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Registered Kune Kune Pigs and Poultry. They also breed German Shepherd dogs and Brussels Griffons.

According to Betty’s LinkedIn, she has also worked at Main Line Broadcasting/Alpha Media in Richmond as a controller since November 2007. The pair got married on September 28th 1991, when Betty wed “the man of my dreams”.

The couple’s ages

Ron Gibbs is 71 years old, having been born on October 1st 1950. Betty, however, has stayed schtum about her real age, but is thought to be in her fifties, while their son Brandon is currently 28 years old at the time of writing.

Betty claimed that both her and Ron are “getting too old to run the farm”, while it is known that she is several years younger than her husband. They also have two other children called Kerry and Gina.

Brandon revealed that his father’s mystery illness was cancer. When Ron went for a colonoscopy in 2020, the doctors found a tumour, however, they were able to remove it surgically as it was caught early.

Ron also told fans: “I did go through 30 days of chemo and radiation just to be sure that I got everything, and I did a CT scan about 30 days after that”, and he is “now free and clear of any cancer”.

Brandon’s parents are worth millions

Ron Gibbs is reportedly worth between $1 million and $5 million as of 2022, according to Biography Gist. He and his wife offered to pay the down payment for his son’s new home, hinting at their stable financial income.

Their farm, where they breed dogs and other animals, sits on several acres. Brandon used to help out on the farm more often, but also worked as a pest control technician, which can earn him a salary of $23,000-$43,000.

Over the course of seven months, Brandon spent roughly $10,000 on Julia. This included taking her on a vacation to Iceland, but left him with little to no money. But fast-forward to 2021 and they were able to buy their own place!



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