Shekinah on 90 Day Fiance before ‘plastic surgery’ is on fans’ minds as she and Sarper are called a “match made in plastic heaven.” Shekinah Garner has confirmed getting plastic surgery, while Sarper has not addressed the rumors. We looked at Shekinah’s Instagram and age.

The new 90 Day Fiance couple are head over heels for one another. Shekinah met Sarper on a dating app while visiting his home country of Istanbul, Turkey. Now, they face plastic surgery speculation.

Shekinah from 90 Day Fiance: Age

90 Day Fiance’s Shekinah’s age is 41. She is dating personal trainer Sarper, 43, whom she met when she started to think she would “never meet the right person.” However, she then met him while on vacation.

She has a daughter old enough to go to boarding school. While Shekinah’s child is living there, she plans on moving to Turkey to live with Sarper and already splits time across Los Angeles and Turkey.

The TLC star looks a lot younger than her age, which has led to plastic surgery rumors. Just two years apart in age, one fan wrote: “The miracle is that Sarper and Shekinah are age-appropriate.”

TLC star opens up about procedures

Shekinah Garner addressed her plastic surgery. She revealed on an Instagram Q&A that she suffered from breakouts as a teenager, which led her to look into becoming an aesthetician and using quality skincare.

She was just 21 years old when she went to an aesthetician school. Since then, Shekinah has had over 40 threads inserted into her face to lift the brow area, but a lot of bunching occurred at the temples.

The reality star said it didn’t last beyond 30 weeks, but the pain lasted for almost a year, even though it’s supposed to dissolve in four months. A hole was made and she had to use tweezers to pull a thread out!

Couple face plastic surgery rumors

Shekinah from 90 Day Fiance told Instagram fans that she had dermal fillers as well as a neck, brow, and facelift. She is a licensed aesthetician of 23 years and keeps her skin firm by using antioxidants.

She also gets a lot of peels and lymphatic draining massages and is an ambassador for Zemits, an aesthetic device designed to revitalize and tighten the skin.

When talking about the procedures she’s had done, 90 Day Fiance’s Shekinah revealed on Instagram that she uses filters as some procedures have “caused her to be unhappy with her aesthetic appearance.”

A fan called Shekinah and Sarper a “match made in plastic heaven,” with one comparing Sarper to a Sims character. Another wrote: “Those people belong together: plastic plus plastic.”


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