90 Day's Ari has fans thinking she's pregnant amid ex-hubby drama

90 Day's Ari has fans thinking she's pregnant amid ex-hubby drama

Ariela Danielle is a mom to Avi with her partner Biniyam Shibre. We’ve watched their journey play out on TLC’s 90 Day Fiance, but now she’s got fans thinking she may be pregnant with a second baby.

Drama has been in full swing for Ari since her ex-husband Leandro Fosque came back into the picture. He has been trying to advise Bini about their relationship and even told him they are “family now” – which wasn’t received well.

Ari and Leandro have become best friends since their split several years ago. However, a new bombshell has been dropped amid the drama, leaving viewers convinced she could have fallen pregnant again.

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Pregnancy rumors circulate

Ari revealed she may be pregnant on 90 Day Fiance, which led to several rumors on social media. Many are questioning whether Biniyam or her ex-husband Leandro is the father of the unconfirmed baby.

One viewer wrote: “If Ari is pregnant again, Bini better get a DNA test #90DayFiance.”

Another said: “Oof, if Ari is pregnant again. Are we even sure it’s Bini’s? Sorry not sorry. I said what I said – her ex has been around too much.”

“If Ari is pregnant I’m wondering who is the father!!???? #90DayFiance,” reacted a fan on Twitter.

The 90 Day star hasn’t confirmed pregnancy

Despite the hint Ari could be pregnant on 90 Day Fiance, she hasn’t actually confirmed she’s expecting. Many think the potential news could be “a tease” after looking at her social media pages.

There is no sign of a bump in any of her photos, although she hasn’t shown many full-length images in recent weeks. One of the latest videos, which showed her in a tight dress, suggests Ari isn’t expecting, but this is unconfirmed.

On Father’s Day, Ari shared a compilation of photos in which she wore jeans and a crop top. She did not appear to be pregnant in these images but, again, these included snapshots that were taken over a lengthy period.

Reality Titbit has contacted Ariella for comment.

Ari’s ex-husband talks to Bini

When Ari’s ex, Leandro, came into the picture again, he told Bini he wasn’t going anywhere and they were “family now”. However, Bini feels uncomfortable about how close Leandro is to Ari.

Season 3 was when we first learned about Ari’s ex, when she asked Leandro to visit her and Biniyam at their home in Ethiopia. During his visit, Leandro gave her bras as a gift before it was revealed she stayed at his while pregnant.

In the more recent episode aired on June 26, Ariela told Leandro how Biniyam was practising for his MMA fight with a female fighter. Leandro said to Biniyam: “It doesn’t seem that you communicate enough.”

Leandro, who was married to Ariela for ten years, continued to tell Bini: “I used to make that mistake. I’m just telling you. I learned it through time with other relationships too.”



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