Emily and Kobe's ages compared as 90 Day fans ask if they are together

Emily and Kobe's ages compared as 90 Day fans ask if they are together

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise’s 90 Day Fiance journey has kept TLC fans gripped for a while now. So when the topic of their ages came up, many wanted to know what the difference is between them.

From the very first moment they met, the couple have been faced with shocking discoveries. When they initially laid eyes on each other in Xi’an, China, during a wild night out, they conceived their son, Koban.

Since then, we’ve watched their relationship journey, from parenthood to spending two years apart while waiting for Kobe to get his K-1 visa approved. So, are they still together and how old are the pair?

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Emily and Kobe’s ages

Emily is currently 29 years old, while Kobe is 34 having been born in 1987. Several fans have been asking what Emily’s age is after her dad appeared on 90 Day Fiance and revealed that his daughter doesn’t know much about money.

This left many wondering how she hasn’t got a job or learned how to budget throughout her twenties, with some viewer revealing they had been supporting themselves at the same age as the TLC star.

Emily gave birth to her first child in July 2019 while she was still living in China, when she would have been around 26. From Cameroon, Kobe had to miss the birth of Koban because his visitor visa was denied.

Are Emily and Kobe still together?

Yes, Emily and Kobe remain a couple and spend most of their time looking after son Koban. Their latest photo on social media together was shared at the beginning of May on Koby’s Instagram.

Many fans are asking if they are still together after recent issues in their relationship came to the surface. From arguing about Kobe driving with their son in the car, to Emily’s father hoping his daughter’s partner would get a job, it’s tense!

Earlier this month, the couple sparked now-debunked split rumors when Kobe shared a suspicious comment under a post of his TikTok video. He had shared an inspirational message to fans about “knowing your value.”

Despite their differences, they have worked through it all, with Kobe responding to a fan’s question about their relationship status. He said: “We were meant for each other forever.”

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Their 90 Day Fiance journey

After conceiving their son during their first meeting, things happened quickly for the pair. However, Emily had to raise their son Koban by herself in Kansas while waiting for Cameroon-born Kobe to get his K-1 visa approved.

In a season 9 confessional, Emily revealed that she was excited for Kobe to meet their son in person for the very first time but she was also nervous how he would receive her because she had gained weight throughout her pregnancy.

They are currently parents to son Koban, but have been seen doing a pregnancy test for a potential second baby, following comments from one of Emily’s family members that she had better not have another.



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