Kara from 90 Day Fiance shares unseen pregnancy bump on Instagram

Kara from 90 Day Fiance shares unseen pregnancy bump on Instagram

Now that the pregnancy news is out, Kara from 90 Day Fiance has taken to social media to reveal the bump she has been hiding for months. It comes after the reveal was made on the show’s explosive Tell All episode.

Kara’s co-stars have been sharing their congratulations to the star, as she posed for a photoshoot while holding her bump in a short black fluffy dress. She posted the video, which showcased a series of pics, to her IG on August 14th.

She revealed to fans: “Baby Rojer coming late November 2022.” The post was uploaded just days after Kara and Guillermo’s wedding aired on the TLC dating show – a romantic ending to what was once a long-distance relationship.

Kara shares unseen pregnancy bump

Kara took to Instagram to share a video where both her and husband Guillermo are holding her bump. The pregnancy is set to be the couple’s first child following their wedding, which recently aired on 90 Day Fiance.

It was shortly after the Tell All episode when she uploaded the exciting post. With over 26K likes in less than 24 hours, it’s clear that her fans and loved ones are over the moon for Kara’s pregnancy.

Before the recent reveal on TLC, Kara and Guillermo had to keep their pregnancy a total secret. She revealed that their baby is due in November, meaning she fell pregnant in late February.

90 Day Fiance fans react to pics

Kara had already made her pregnancy bump debut on the Tell All, but had left no clear signs of expecting on her social media page. Although, fans had spotted a few clues, such as how different she looked in a recent Instagram story.

In response to her recent 90 Day appearance and baby bump pictures, many have shared their opinions on her pregnancy. One said: “SWEEETTT!!! Congrats guys 🥂 There’s no doubt that this baby will be gorgeous!!!”

Another reacted with: “I knew it when I saw your face looking fuller in your last videos! Yay! I’m so excited about this!”

“SCREAMING 😭😭😭😭 omg so happy for you two. The most genuine and down to earth couple. Blessings on your new sweet joy, enjoy the ride that is pregnancy and motherhood,” penned one of Kara’s Instagram followers.

The star’s relationship history

Now that Kara is a wife and mother-to-be, many are hoping that her ex-boyfriend Kris leaves the picture. He is a rapper for a living, who has bumped into the star and Guillermo on 90 Day Fiance before – awkward!

Guillermo walked paths with Kris at his wife’s high school reunion. Kris was an athlete in school and is passionate about sports. Kara revealed why she ended things with Kris, saying the relationship was not “conducive with her soul.”

Kris claimed Kara cheated on him with another rapper, stating that when he found out he was checking her phone and as soon as he discovered the truth, he left her. Kara appeared to have no recollection and only remembered parts of it.



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