Marcia Alves' Facebook hints that she never dated Mike Youngquist

Marcia Alves' Facebook hints that she never dated Mike Youngquist

Mike Youngquist has moved on from Natalie Mordovtseva and is said to have started dating again. The fall-out from their former marriage is still being discussed on 90 Day Fiance, while rumors circulate about Mike’s dating life.

The TLC star was spotted in a series of photos with Rock of Love star Marcia Alves in September 2021. Although neither Mike nor Marcia have confirmed the rumors, fans are wondering who his new girlfriend is.

However, Marcia Alves has since posted statuses on Facebook that suggest they were never together. Plus, how has Natalie reacted to him dating? Fans are eager to find out when and how the 90 Day star moved on…

Screenshot: Natalie Tells Mike She’s Moving Out | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, 90 Day Fiance YouTube

Mike Youngquist’s rumored ‘girlfriend’

Mike’s rumored girlfriend is Marcia Brazil Alves, a Las Vegas resident who, as hinted by her middle name, hails from Brazil. The marathon runner and mother to one son was spotted in photos with the 90 Day Fiance star in September 2021 following his split from Natalie.

Mike denied he was dating anyone during the Tell-All interview but his cast members claimed he was hiding the truth. They brought up the photos he featured in with Marcia after Natalie admitted she was currently dating.

Marcia once starred in Bret Michaels’ VH1 reality dating show Rock of Love before the show ended. She then started her own shoe line, VanZant Shoes, in 2014. According to Ranker, she was married in 2019.

She lived on a tour bus during the show and once kissed Bret Michaels after consuming several drinks on the first night. Many also remember Marcia for how she famously ate a bag of Doritos during filming.

Reality Titbit has contacted Mike and Marcia for a comment.

Marcia Alves’ posts suggest they weren’t dating

Marcia has been sharing posts on Facebook that suggest, if they were dating, they have now broken up. She jokingly wrote on the platform that, after changing your relationship status three times or more, Facebook should default it to “unstable”.

More recently, Marcia posted a picture that states: “I blame Barney’s a** for making me believe if I love you… you love me. Fat purple bas***d.” Although it’s clear she’s using comedy, it looks like she’s no longer with Mike.

Neither Mike nor Marcia have confirmed they are dating and, since photos of them drinking in a swimming pool first emerged as well as pictures of Mike with her son, they have only been spotted together once, in October 2021.

That was when they were seen partying together in Nevada. However, there haven’t been any more pictures of the two shared this year and he appears to be single on 90 Day Fiance, but there have been no confirmations.

A fan wrote on Twitter: “I don’t think Mike is dating that woman. She’s a serial reality TV show hopper.”

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Natalie and Mike aren’t on good terms

Natalie, who is currently dating a guy called Josh, began crying on the recent 90 Day Fiance episode. She appeared to be upset about their divorce after claiming Mike hadn’t filed papers for her to stay in the US.

Mike has said he wants to finalize the divorce but, for her to stay in Los Angeles, she wants him to sign papers that would allow her to do that. She has a K1 visa, which is said to be valid for 90 days.

Some viewers interpreted Natalie getting upset as her not wanting him to date anyone else. One fan wrote: “So it’s ok for Natalie to date people but Mike can’t #90DayFiance.”

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