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Rose Vega takes huge leap after 90 Day Fiancé and shows off new boyfriend after Big Ed

After her turbulent and televised relationship with Big Ed, Rose seems to have turned a page after almost two years. The star appears to have found her new love and fans are over the moon. Let’s meet Rose Vega’s new boyfriend after she shared an update with fans.

Rosemarie Vega became one of the most iconic but also most beloved contestants in the history of 90 Day Fiancé.

Even though her time with Big Ed failed to end in a committed relationship, the TV star managed to turn it around. She began showcasing her modelling work and growing her social media following.

Interested to find out who her new man is? Let’s find out.

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Does Rose Vega have a new boyfriend?

Not much information has been shared other than that Rosemarie Vega’s new love interest is named Greg and is from Australia.

According to Daily Soap Dish, fans of the Filipino TV star noticed that she had started to see someone. However, in recent weeks, she never revealed his face but only his hand. Rose also only uploaded the gifts that she had been receiving from him.

Additionally, she already started hinting that she was taken by somebody when she and her son Prince went on a trip to Thailand with a mysterious man.

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Rose Vega unveils new boyfriend in a new YouTube video

Ever since Rose began her YouTube channel, she has been keeping it real to her followers.

She has been showing behind-the-scenes of their home in the Philippines, her schedules, and life with her family and son.

She hasn’t spoken about whether she’s been in a relationship since her breakup with Big Ed. Therefore, her new relationship may have shocked some fans.

On April 16, the Filipino TV personality posted a video titled “My boyfriend meeting my strict father” on YouTube.

The only similarity between Big Eg and Greg is that they don’t both speak Tagalog. But that hasn’t stopped him from meeting his new girlfriend’s father.

The video begins with Rose’s family as they spend some time together visiting the mall and going out to eat.

“Hey, guys! I want to tell you something. Who is he? He’s my boyfriend Greg,” Rose confessed in the clip.

The video followed the pair with her dad before Greg had to fly back to Melbourne.

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‘He’s a keeper!’

The fans have spoken and Greg is approved!

In the comments of the YouTube video, fans have left hundreds of positive messages for the new couple.

Comparing Big Ed’s trouble adjusting to Rose’s lifestyle, one fan wrote: “Greg seems normal, practical, happy to just get along with things. He fits in well :)”.

“Yes Rose, he’s a keeper! I am glad you finally found someone that treats you like a queen,” another fan said.

In a comment that Rose liked herself, a fan claimed: “He looks so humble and simple considering he’s a businessman, unlike Ed who is full of himself. I hope this ends to the altar. Rose deserves happiness.”

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