What happened to Drascilla? 90 Day Fiancé fans left with cliffhanger

90 Day Fiancé fans were left on a dramatic cliffhanger after Monday, August 10th’s episode. 

This new season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has proven that married life is far from easy. For these couples, the obstacles that existed before their marriage – family disapproval, long-distance – remain and in some cases, are amplified.

For Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee, life with two children is proving difficult to manage. At the end of episode 11 (Monday, August 10th), viewers were left with a shot of Deavan’s young daughter Drascilla running away. It followed with a shot of Jihoon crying in the preview for episode 12 (August 17th). So, what happened to Drascilla?

Who is Drascilla from 90 Day Fiancé?

Drascilla is the 4-year-old daughter of Deavan Clegg. Drascilla’s father is from a previous relationship, which Deavan was reluctant to open up on. In fact, Deavan hardly, if ever, mentions Drascilla’s father.

Deavan has denied speaking about Drascilla’s biological father for years, however recently opened up on the story in a YouTube video. She named Drascilla’s father “Tom” to protect his identity.

Deavan met Drascilla’s father when she was 17 and he was 18. They fell in love, with Deavan thinking she’d found the One. However, when the couple moved in together, things turned sour. Tom became controlling and eventually physically abusive. When Deavan realised she was pregnant with Drascilla, she decided it was time to leave. In the video, Deavan said:

It was one of those things where it’s like, I can get an abortion and stay with him, or I can leave him and have this baby. Those were my options. Because if I was going to stay with him, I wasn’t going to have this baby and I knew that but I really wanted this baby and I didn’t want him anymore.


Tom threatened to steal Drascilla from Deavan, which led her to take out a restraining order on him.

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Drascilla runs away

Parenting was the subject of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 2 episode 11. Jihoon was facing scrutiny from Elicia, Deavan’s mother.

Elicia has continuously questioned Jihoon’s motivations to work and pressed him to put in as much effort with the children as Deavan. Deavan and Jihoon have a son of their own called Taeyang, Drascilla’s half-sibling.

Just after Deavan had asked Elicia and Jihoon’s parents to let herself and Jihoon work things out, Drascilla slips out from under Jihoon’s watch and runs into the street. Elicia and Deavan pursue the child.

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Screenshot: Jihoon Is Lying To Deavan About Having A Stable Job | 90 Day Fiancé : The Other Way – tlc uk YouTube

What happened to Drascilla?

As of yet, we don’t know the exact reason that Drascilla ran off but we know for certain that Elicia is not happy about it. In the episode description, it states that “Deavan’s mum unleashes her fury.” And viewers are pretty sure where she’s directing that fury.

As Elicia has always had it out for Jihoon, and we saw Jihoon crying in the preview for episode 12 (Monday, August 17th), it’s likely that Jihoon receives the blame for Drascilla running off.

There are photos of Drascilla looking happy and healthy on Deavan’s Instagram over the summer months, so we can assume that nothing too bad happened to Drascilla. If something serious had happened to her, we would have heard about it at the time of filming.




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