What happened to Geoffrey and Varya on 90 Day Fiancé: Updates in 2020

If you’re a fan of 90 Day Fiancé, then we’re sure you will have come across Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina by now. 

Geoffrey and Varya are one of the franchise’s most memorable couples, with the outcome of their relationship always remaining unclear.

He is originally from the Tennessee countryside, whereas she is from a city in Russia. The two could not be anymore different, and while opposites attract on 90 Day Fiancé, it didn’t look like things were working for Geoffrey and Varya.

But what happened to Geoffrey and Varya from 90 Day Fiancé? Are they still together? We’ve gone hunting for updates on the couple.

Screenshot: Geoffrey & Varya Meet For The First Time | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days – TLC YouTube

Geoffrey and Varya on 90 Day Fiancé

Geoffrey and Varya’s love story has been one of the central focusses of the fourth season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. We are introduced to the couple as Geoffrey is on his way to Russia to meet Varya face-to-face for the very first time.

As their first-ever date was with a camera crew, it wasn’t the calm and relaxed atmosphere the two of them wanted. In fact, Geoffrey thought Varya was a little standoffish when they first met in person. In their first episode, Geoffrey said:


Things aren’t going exactly how I thought they would go. I’m getting this weird vibe from her. It’s not bad and it’s not good. It’s just a little distant; a little standoffish.

But all awkwardness was soon put aside and Geoffrey and Varya started to break down each other’s walls. After a few weeks in Russia, Geoffrey decided to propose to Varya. This, however, did not go down well. Varya rejected his first proposal and said “not now.” Geoffrey felt rejected by this and flew home to Tennessee with all intention of moving on.

What happened to Geoffrey and Varya?

A few months went by after the Russian proposal rejection and then Varya Malina decided to take fate into her own hands. She turned up on Geoffrey Paschel’s doorstep in America and wanted to pick up where they left off. Little did she know that Geoffrey had started a relationship with his friend Mary Wallace.

Although Geoffrey had moved on, his feelings for Varya were still there. He proposed for a second time – this time successful – at an old wishing well in his Tennessee hometown.

Many TLC fans were confused as to what happened to Geoffrey and Varya, as they did not appear on the Season 4 tell-all reunion. This, however, is not to do with their relationship but was a result of Geoffrey’s criminal past. On the show, Geoffrey revealed that he spent two years in prison and was facing charges of domestic assault. Viewers’ reactions to Geoffrey’s criminal past meant that the show did not invite him to come back for the tell-all.

TLC have also deleted all traces of Varya and Geoffrey from their official YouTube channel.

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Are Geoffrey and Varya still together?

Yes. Geoffrey and Varya are still together, from what we’ve seen on social media.

Varya wasn’t wearing her engagement ring during a June 2020 interview on the Domenick Nati Show, which led viewers to think they had broken things off. But Varya explained the ring’s absence by saying it was early in the day and she had left it at home.

The couple regularly posts to social media and so it’s most likely they are still a couple.




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