Where is 90 Day Fiancé Brandon's Hummingbird Acres Farm located? His parent's estate explored

Brandon Gibbs farm lifestyle became popular in the latest season of the show. However, where is Brandon’s Hummingbird Acres Farm located?

Those who have been keeping up with the show will know that Brandon and his parent’s farm has become a part of the show. When Brandon’s partner Julia Trubkina arrived in the US, she did not think taking care of the farm would be on her to-do list. However, it has become her life now.

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Where is Brandon’s Hummingbird Acres Farm located?

Brandon and his parent’s farm is located in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. Their website states, “Hummingbird Acres Farm is a small family farm located in Beautiful and Historic Dinwiddie County, Virginia. ​​We raise all-natural, pastured Katahdin lambs/sheep.”

The farm also deals with “Nigerian dwarf goats, registered Kune Kune pigs, and poultry. ” At the same time, they also “breed European imported german shepherd dogs and adorable monkey-faced European imported Brussels griffons.  

The website also reveals several people from all around the world have come to the farm. In fact, you can also go and visit it.

If you are interested, you can checkout their website here.

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Backlash towards Brandon’s mother:

The recent episodes have fans questioning Brandon’s mother Betty’s behavior. They think she is trying to take control of Brandon’s relationship.

“Brandon’s parent are the worst. His mother is trying SO HARD to keep Brandon for herself, and his Dad is like “Oooh Free help!!” We get it… you never got over the fact Brandon is old enough to like girls. This doesn’t make Julia your servant,” one user wrote.

“Brandon #90DayFiance please move out that’s no way to live, plus your mother is jealous of your relationship which is weird,” read another comment.

“Brandon’s parents are relentless. Geese, leave them alone! Bickering how mad they will be if he takes her tea in the morning is ridicules. They are so controlling. He gave her a hickey and his mother scoured over it. They need to move to their own place,” said another.

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