Brandi, known as Jibri’s colleague on 90 Day Fiance, has had quite the effect on viewers. She has been described as the “most likable” and “sensible” on the dating show, despite her limited appearances.

When Jibri started sharing more insight into his life as a band member, viewers got to know a certain fellow star a little better. That’s Brandi, who is known as “Damn Brandi” on Instagram for her successful music career.

From being a member of the Black Serbs band to now a reality TV personality, Brandi has an impressive resume. We got to know her a little better, including just how she made it in the industry…

Meet 90 Day Fiance’s Brandi

She was described by Jibri as “one of the coldest rappers” from the south side of Chicago. Brandi stars in the Black Serbs band alongside the 90 Day Fiance star, who has the role of lead vocalist in the group.

Now, fans are absolutely loving her and hope she gets cast as an actual cast member on the TLC show. Brandi grew up in a rough environment and falls within the Gemini horoscope.

Wanting more for herself, she decided one day to start travelling the world and beginning her launch into the music industry. Brandi became the newest addition to Black Serbs in 2019.

Her successful Black Serbs career

Brandi, from Houston, Texas, is the rapper and vocalist in Black Serbs band. In 2019, when she joined the band, they released their first debut album Space Punk, and in the same year, also released their debut single, Elevate Your Love.

With at least 71K subscribers on YouTube, the band has labelled Brandi’s nickname as “Kitty Kobra” and described her as an “independent and confident woman” whose good side fans will want to stay on.

Now a reality TV personality, Brandi occasionally features on 90 Day Fiance and is usually giving Jibri advice. She told him that he is all his fiancee Miona has in the United States, which is why her checking up on him is “not that bad.”

‘Damn Brandi’ on Instagram

Brandi has 3.5K followers on Instagram, where she is often hanging out in Houston, Texas. The rapper and vocalist is often seen travelling the United States, from New York to Chicago, Illinois.

Most of her photos show her posing in full glam, whether that’s surrounded by clear waters or celebrating her birthday in Jamaica. The 29-year-old is also no stranger to adventure, having shared a picture of her skiing!

Brandi’s tagged images mainly consist of Black Serbs band promotion. The group aims to “push the boundaries of reality” by bringing Black, Serbian, and other cultures together through music.



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