Florian was first introduced to viewers when he appeared on 90 Day Fiance, and he’s now back on our screens with new teeth in Darcey And Stacey.

The show, which also airs on TLC, is now in its fourth season and follows the sisters on their crazy adventures while they juggle relationships, family, and their unique world of being twins.

As Stacey’s husband, Florian plays a big part in the show, so we take a look at his transformation from the 90 Day Fiance days to now.

Florian’s new teeth since 90 Day Fiance appearance

In 2021, an Instagram reel shared by Comfort Zone Dentist, based in Bodrum, Turkey, showed the process of Florian’s teeth transformation.

The caption read: “@floriansukaj our Visitor from USA, showing off our signature Pearl Superwhite zirconium crowns only @comfortzonedent.”

The post, which has 400k views is a before-and-after picture of Florian’s teeth. Before, he had visible gaps, and after these had been filled in.

Fans have noticed Florian’s new smile and have taken to Twitter to discuss.

Florian isn’t the only one with new teeth

Taking to their Instagram account, the same clinic that transformed Florian’s smile also gave Darcey and Stacey a smile makeover.

The page also shared a reel of the two in 2021 with the caption: “Watch the amazing twin’s Darcy & Stacy’s visit to @comfortzonedent for their Smile Makeovers”, which was featured in the show.

The cameras followed the sisters as they went to Turkey to have their teeth done. The pair do not shy away from speaking about their surgery and are very open about the procedures they’ve had.

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Stacey and Florian’s love story

Stacey made her debut on 90 Day Fiance after her sister Darcey starred in the show.

Although she and Florian were not an official 90 Days couple, fans were given an insight into their love story.

Just like most modern-day couples, the pair met on Instagram in 2015.

Florian then moved over to America on a K-1 visa from Albania and the pair wed in April 2020. They had a small ceremony due to Covid restrictions, and are set to wed again in season 4 of Darcey And Stacey.



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