Molly Hopkins from 90 Day Fiancé has revealed her full-body transformation after weight loss as she finally shares how she achieved her goal.

Ever since her first appearance in season 5 of the show Hopkins became a fan favorite for her body-positive mental attitude. Molly has even inspired fans with her weight loss transformation as she achieved it through natural means over a long period of time.

Read on to discover how the former 90 Day Fiancé star has reached her big weight loss milestone.

Molly Hopkins’ divorce encouraged her to focus on herself

Fans of the show watched on as Hopkins went through a tough breakup with her ex-husband, Luis Mendez, and decided to focus on herself. The Georgia native was first introduced to Luis while she was on vacation in his homeland of the Dominican Republic. Luis was a bartender at the Hard Rock hotel bar, where Molly was staying and they fell for one another.

Luis was 15 years younger than Molly, and she certainly didn’t get the seal of approval from her daughter. However, the pair continued to document their story on Happily Ever After, before going their separate ways in January 2018.

Molly and Luis kept had married in private, shortly after Luis arrived in the US, way before the 90 days deadline on the show. This is something they kept a secret from friends, family, and even the production crew. However, they never got to walk down the aisle for a second time as they split by the end of their season.

In January 2018, Molly filed for divorce from Luis after only six months of marriage and it was finalized by May. Just four months later, Luis remarried, whilst Molly has not had a serious relationship since her divorce.

90-day fiancé Molly Hopkins 35 lb weight loss transformation

Following their divorce, Molly has spent time working on herself and has documented her weight loss journey online, sharing diet tips and regimes. Molly dropped a whopping 35 pounds following the split crediting diet and exercise changes as the major forces behind her transformation.

Molly recently posted an update on an Instagram clip of her posing in lingerie to show off her toned physique. In the caption, she wrote: “Yes my skin is getting a little loosey goosey from my weight loss,” She added that by addressing her gut health and following a plant-based vegan diet for over a year and a half she has started to see results.

The mother-of-two has previously opened up about having IBS and admitted to using Teami Blends which is a 30-day detox tea. Hopkins used it for over six months and confirmed on Instagram that she drank it every day.

In her most recent Instagram, Hopkins shared that the brand Plexus is another one of the secrets behind her weight loss progress. Plexus is designed to be used as a meal replacement for weight loss, it helps keep you full so that you’ll eat less throughout the day.


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