Yara Zaya has always been open about plastic surgery. She revealed in 2021 that she had gotten a nose job, following speculation from 90 Day Fiance fans, and has recently confirmed she underwent a breast augmentation.

The TLC alum revealed that she went under the knife as she felt insecure about her breasts. During recent episodes, Yara told her husband Jovi Dufren that she was thinking about getting a boob job after giving birth.

Remember what she looked like before plastic surgery? Let’s look at Yara’s before and after pictures, and delve into her surgery journey which saw her change areas of her appearance during the dating show.

Yara confirms she got a boob job

Although several viewers have only just been alerted to Yara wanting a boob job, she has already undergone the augmentation in real time. In fact, she shared details of the surgery at the beginning of August, and confirmed rumors.

During an Instagram Q&A, she responded to a fan who said: “It makes me so mad that people were talking bad about you when you announced your surgery.” However, Yara doesn’t seem too bothered by the backlash she gets.

Yara said she knew she would “get judged”, adding:

You know guys, no matter what I do I get judged so often. And I breastfed my child for 17 months. If not that, I wouldn’t do it, but I did it and I’m happy that I did it. And if I will care [what] everybody think about me, I will get friggin’ crazy.

Another fan asked what work she’s having done, which is when Yara tagged plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K. Obeng — the same surgeon who performed Angela Deem’s plastic surgery — and said: “I feel confident again.”

She has undergone rhinoplasty

Getting a breast augmentation isn’t the first time Yara has gone under the knife. She revealed in 2021 that she has had a nose job in 2021, and has been open about getting filler put into her pout in the past, too.

During a debate between the 90 Day Fiance wives on April 11th that year, Yara spoke up to say that she sees nothing wrong with plastic surgery, had gotten a nose job, and admitted she was getting her lips done four years before.

She said:

If somebody don’t like something on themselves, change it. Yes, you need to love yourself the way you are, but if you can’t accept something, it’s okay to change it, we are living in 2021. I had an issue, my nose is a potato, so let me do something to that.

She clashed with Julia over the topic, who said that if a man loves you, then that’s “perfect”, adding that you don’t need to change through surgery. It is thought that Yara admitted having a nose job in 2014.

90 Day Fiance’s Yara: Before and after

Yara’s nose job has significantly changed the shape of the tip of her nostrils, but she still looks just as glamorous as she did before, and maintained her youthful beauty that 90 Day Fiance fans have always seen in her. She said:

I get like a breast lift and implants because as you know guys, I breastfeed for 17 months straight. No water, no formula, nothing… so I was really needing help. And plus I had an anatomic issue, so I love it.

The star’s chest area looks slightly different, but many wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t been open about getting breast surgery. However, she claimed her boobs were “saggy” as a result of breastfeeding every 30 minutes.



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